Comment Rules for Try Hard Guides

On Try Hard Guides, we seek to have an open and safe community! To keep this up, we will be moderating every comment that is posted on the site. This can sometimes slow the rate of comments down, but we feel it is worth it to make sure you can discuss your favorite games in a safe space.

If you break any of the rules listed below then your comment will be deleted. You are welcome to comment again, and you usually won’t be banned unless you repeatedly break the rules!


Without further ado, here’s a look at the rules we enforce when it comes to comments on the site!

No Swearing, Racial Slurs, or Inappropriate Language

We realize there’s a lot of younger people on the site, so please refrain from using inappropriate language.

Stay on Topic

If you are commenting on a particular post, please keep your comment relevant to the content of the article! If you have a question for the writer or need to discuss something with someone who works on the site, then you can use the Contact Us form!

No Asking or Begging for Free Items

While we might do a giveaway from time-to-time, we will not be giving out free items otherwise.

Don’t Try to Gauge Community Interest

In other words, don’t try to poll the other people who comment on the site by asking for people to respond if they feel a certain way. This would add a lot of unnecessary short comments that just clutter up space.

No Comments With All CAPS

This is considered to be rude in online etiquette. It is akin to yelling when you are talking to someone, so just don’t do it!

Do Not Impersonate Staff or Content Creators

You are free to use the nickname of your choice (as long as it doesn’t break the first rule) when you are commenting, but please don’t use a name that is used by a writer or a well-known content creator. Believe it or not, this is a fairly common thing that happens!

Comments Can be Removed for Any Reason

It is important to note that the staff can delete your comment for any reason. This is even the case if your comment was approved previously. Some discussions can get out of hand and lead to comments that end up breaking some of the rules above.