Roblox Free Items – Hair, Clothes, & More (April 2024)

There is a whole bunch of clothes and accessories that you can get in Roblox for free! We are looking to feature each and every way possible, so that you can save yourself some Robux.
Featured Roblox Free Items List

If you are looking to style your Roblox avatar with some new items and are light on Robux, then you’ve come to the right place! We have all of the free Roblox items and clothes that you can get listed in this post. There’s avatar items of all types, including emotes, heads, neck, gear, faces, hats, and a whole lot more!

There’s another way to get free stuff for your avatar that isn’t listed in this post. You can get additional items with codes, which you will find on our Roblox Promo Codes page. All other ways to get stuff for your avatar without Robux will be listed below!

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Recently Released Free Roblox Items

We’ve got all of the recently released free clothing and avatar items listed below. Some of these will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to grab them before they are gone!

Free Limited UGC Items

A lot of free items are coming out which are hard to keep track of as they are scattered in different games. The best place to follow these is by following DeeterPlays on YouTube! Most of the items are only available in a limited capacity, so make sure to try and get them fast.

Roblox Free Hair Items

More Free Items

Wildcat Letterman Jacket

Get the Wildcat Letterman Jacket for free by heading into the School of Sport Roblox Experience and following the tutorial below.

VANS Items

Get some new free VANS themed items by heading into the Vans World Experience and follow the tutorial below.

Elton John Items

To get the free Elton John items, head into the Elton John Presents ‘Beyond The Yellow Brick Road’ game and follow this tutorial:

iHeartRadio Headphones

To get the iHeartRadio Headphones item, you will need to collect 20 hearts in the iHeartLand: Music Tycoon experience. You can look for yourself or follow this tutorial to find them!

Chipotle Items

Another batch of free Chipotle items are available that you can get by heading into the Chipotle Burrito Builder game. Learn exactly how to get them by watching this tutorial.

Pretzel Friend Shoulder Item

Just head into the Tommy Play Roblox Experience and you will automatically get a badge that gets you this item for free!

George Ezra’s Items

Get some free items by playing in the George Ezra’s Gold Rush Kid Experience:

Hello Kitty Backpack

Get the Hello Kitty Backpack by playing the My Hello Kitty Cafe and following this tutorial.

Tommy Play Items

There’s multiple new items you can get by playing the Tommy Hilfiger Experience on Roblox. Here’s a look at them along with tutorial on how to get them:

  • TJ Giant Burger Hat (Tutorial)
  • TJ Pride Foam Hand (Tutorial)
  • TJ Bum Bag, Jacket, Jogger Pants, and more (Tutorial)
  • Rock Freeze & Frosty Flair Emotes (Tutorial)

Samsung Items

You can get 5 free items in the Samsung Space Tycoon Experience by playing the game and earning currency. You can find out exactly how to do it by following this video:

Nike Swoosh Sunglasses & Striker Shorts

Get a couple of awesome purple items in the NIKELAND experience by leveling up in the Soccer game that you can play in NIKELAND. Learn more via this DeeterPlays video.

Sunsilk City Hair Items

Get multiple hair items by completing tasks in the Sunsilk City experience. You can follow tutorials by DeeterPlays, which are listed below.

Strawberries & Cream Hat and Tennis Bag

Head into the Wimbleworld experience and go to the Wimbledon Shop. In the corner, you will see the two items you can purchase with Wimble Bux. The hat is 100 coins and the bag is 200 Coins. These can be earned by playing matches against players or redeeming in game codes.

TJ Crossover Bags, Pop Hoodies, Stripe Rugby Shirts

You can get two TJ Crossover Bags by heading into the Tommy Hilfiger Experience on Roblox. All you need to do is collect 790 coins for each bag in the game. Once you have that amount, head to the in-game shop and purchase them to get the item for your avatar!

There is also a couple of hoodies and shirts you can get by playing the game. Check out this tutorial by DeeterPlays to find out how.

Duolingo Bodysuit and Snapback Cap

You can get two free items in the Duolingo Experience by collecting 1,000 Coins for the Body Suit and 2,000 Coins for the Hat. Just play the minigame in the experience over and over to collect coins to total up enough to obtain the items!

Wimbledon Items

A new Wimbledon tennis experience has been released known as Wimbleworld. If you play the game and reach level 2, you will earn yourself the Wimbledon Cap. Hitting level 4 will and 15 will also get you items!

There is another hat that you can get, which is Sir Andy Murray’s Cap. To get this item, you need to play Strongman Simulator. Follow this tutorial by DeeterPlays to learn how to obtain it!

Gudetama Backpack

The Gudetama Backpack, which is a Hello Kitty themed item, can be obtained by playing the My Hello Kitty Cafe game and reaching level 20!

TJ Donut Headphones

Just enter into the Tommy Play experience and you will automatically receive the TJ Donut Headphones item for your avatar!

Givenchy Items

You can get a variety of items in the new Givenchy Beauty House experience. I’m listing all the items below, along with a tutorial to a video on how to get them.

  • Lock Necklace 1.0 & 2.0 (Video)
  • 4G Cap and Le Rouge Cross-Body Bag (Video)
  • Irresistible Backpack 1.0 & 3.0 (Video)
  • 4G Sunglasses (Video)

Five Free Tommy Hilfiger Items

There are five items you can get in the Tommy Play experience, by completing various objectives. Check out the video below to learn how to get them!

TJ Wearable BMX Backpack

Get the TJ Wearable BMX Backpack for free by completing the introduction in the Tommy Play experience.

Gucci Oversized Sunglasses & More

Get the Gucci Oversized Sunglasses for free by heading into the Gucci Town experience and completing the tutorial! There’s four other items you can get, which you can find out how in the following video:

Screenshot Patchwork Jacket

To get the free Screenshot Patchwork Jacket for your avatar, just head into the Spotify Island Experience and run around the map grinding/sliding on different objects. You need to do this 20 times, and you will obtain a badge and get the jacket!

Nike Fury Headband & Shoebox Costume

Get the Nike Fury Headband and Shoebox Costume by completing tasks in the Nikeland experience. To learn how to get them, be sure to head to DeeterPlays videos on the Headband and Costume.

Puma Essentials Cap

To get the Puma Essentials Cap, just head into the Puma and the Land of Games experience and go through the entire tutorial. It is a lot of just listening to NPCs tell you about the game. Once you have done so, you should see a little pop up telling you that you received the item.

Clarks’ CICAVERSE Items

Get a bunch of new items from the Clarks’ CICAVERSE event! Check out the following video to learn how to get them all!

Spotify Island Freebies

You can get multiple free items by completing tasks from the new Spotify Islands game! This is a new partnership with Roblox and Spotify, which might translate to more future collaborations.

Alo Items

You can get a bunch of new Alo Yoga themed items for your Roblox Avatar by completing tasks in the Alo Sanctuary experience. Be sure to check out DeeterPlays’ channel for videos on how to get them.

Cinnamoroll Backpack

The Cinnamoroll Backpack, which is a Hello Kitty themed item, can be obtained by playing the new My Hello Kitty Cafe game and serving 1,000 customers.

Featured Roblox Cinnamoroll Backpack


Roblox Beatland is a game that you can play and get items for free for your avatar. There’s a variety of stuff you can do in it, so be sure to head over to DeeterPlays’ YouTube channel for tutorials.

Vans Items

Vans is back with an update to their Vans World experience and along with it comes some new free items that you can get for your avatar. Here are the items that you can get:

VIP Color Block T-Shirt

Roblox has added another new layered item that you can get for free, which is the VIP Color Block T-Shirt. This time, you will need to have a mobile device, open up the camera portion and scan the following QR code. As long as you have Roblox on your device, you should get the item automatically!

Roblox Vip Color Block T Shirt Qr Code

Chipotle Items

Chipotle is back on Roblox, and they are bringing some free avatar items with them. Take a look at this video by DeeterPlays on how to get them all! If you’re curious which items will be available, here’s a look at some of them:

Beats and Kerwin Frost’s ‘Cosmophones’

Head into Dunking Simulator and go locate the Kerwin Frost NPC in-game to get a quest to earn yourself the Beats and Kerwin Frost’s ‘Cosmophones’. You just need to complete 10 dunks in-game and talk to Kerwin Frost again to receive the item!

Nike Cloud Board

Earn the Nike Cloud Board back accessory by obtaining the Jump Jump Juggernaut Badge in the Nikeland experience. Learn how to do so with this video by DeeterPlays.

24kGoldn Items

You can get some free items in celebration of the 24kGoldn Concert Experience that will be going on starting Friday, March 25th at 4pm PST! You can head to this video by DeeterPlays to learn what you need to do to get them!

Green Emerald Gold Rush Puffer

The Alo Sanctuary Game has given quite a few items away, and you can now nab this Green Emerald Gold Rush Puffer Jacket if you complete a quest in the game. If you want to learn how, check out this video.

Nike LeBron James Crown

Get the LeBron James Crown by completing tasks in the Nikeland Roblox Experience. You will need to level up your character by playing basketball and scoring points, which will earn you XP. Learn more about how to get it in this video by DeeterPlays.

Gucci Classic Orchestra Rose x Achille Lauro

Get the Gucci Classic Orchestra Rose x Achille Lauro front accessory for free, just by visiting the new Achille Lauro Superstar featuring Gucci Roblox experience. Once you enter the game, you will be rewarded it immediately. It might take up to an hour for the item to arrive in your inventory.

McLaren F1 Helmets

Get two free helmets for your avatar by heading into the McLaren F1 Racing Experience, and interacting with the helmet items that are featured in the game. If you can’t find them, watch this video for their exact location.

District Trucker Hat, Warrior Mat + Alo Yoga Strap

Get the District Trucker Hat and Warrior Mat by completing some tasks in the Alo Sanctuary game. You can follow along with this video by DeeterPlays to watch how it’s done. There are many other items you can get for free in the game by completing tasks!

Rams Melon Head, Bengals Who Dey Backpack, & Super Bowl LVI Cap

You can get the Los Angeles Rams Melon Head, Cincinnati Bengals Who Dey Backpack, and the Super Bowl LVI Cap by heading into the NFL Tycoon and playing the Destruction House Event. You can find out where to go in this video by DeeterPlays.

Wilson Super Bowl LVI Commemorative Football

Get the Wilson Super Bowl LVI Commemorative Football by collecting all of the 56 Wilson Footballs that can be found around the NFL Tycoon game. You can watch this video by DeeterPlays to see where they all are located.

Music Note Speech Bubble

You can get the Music Note Speech Bubble hat by completing the obby in the David Guetta DJ Party experience. You can find how to complete the challenge by watching this video by Conor3D.

Titanium Jet Pack

After you complete the obby in the David Guetta DJ Party experience, you can then complete the challenge that is found at Archive Island in the game. If you can do it, you will get the Titanium Jet Pack for free! You can learn how to complete the challenge via this video by Conor3D.

Flurry Belt

You can get the Flurry Belt by playing the Roliday Rumble 2021 game on Roblox. You can learn more about how to get it by watching this video by DeeterPlays.

NFL Helmet

Get a free NFL Helmet for your Roblox Avatar by just entering into the NFL Shop Roblox experience. When you join into the game, you should receive a badge. This will signify that you have received the item!

Free Nike Items

You can get two free Nike items by heading into the NIKELAND Roblox game! Once inside the game, use the teleport button to get to the Lobby. Then locate the Showroom, which is a red building with a holographic shoe over it. If you can’t find it, follow this video. Go inside and look for the mannequin with the Nike hat on. Inspect it and hit the collect button to receive the Nike Pro Cap and the Nike Elemental Backpack!

Free Chipotle Items

Go into the Chipotle Boorito Maze game and complete the maze to earn yourself the Chipotle Hat!

Neon Devil Headphones & More!

You can get the Neon Devil Headphones and many other items by participating in the LuoBu Transformation Night game. To learn how to get these, check out this video by DeeterPlays.

Owl Mask

A new event game has been released! You will get the Owl Mask avatar item for free if you head into the Insomniac World Party game and talk to the Pasquale Rotella NPC that is right near where you spawn!

More LUOBU Items

Another set of Roblox avatar items can be obtained by completing tasks in a Lubou game. This time the game is translated at Bump World: Free Jungle. There’s four things to get, and to get them you just need to go around the map collecting these little robot rabbit figures. They don’t all the look the same, they are sparkly robots.

Roblox Robot Rabbits

They are scattered across the map, you can find them spawning in the same spots repeatedly or you can explore and complete the obby games that are in the sky area. If you can gather a bunch of these, you can turn them in for the following rewards:

For more details on this, check out this video by DeeterPlays.

Chinese Traditional White Shirt and Pants

There are four clothing items that you can also get from the Luobu 抓兔子大PK Game in Roblox. These are two shirts and pants for men/women or however you want to mix and match them. You can see a tutorial on how to get these in this video by SharkBlox.

Here are the listings on Roblox:

Roblox Classic Cap

Roblox has introduced the new Roblox Community Space experience which you can try out the new proximity voice chat feature. Another benefit of this experience is that you can get a free avatar item. To get the Roblox Classic Cap, you need to complete three tasks:

  • Put up some artwork
  • Visit the games area
  • Take a photo

To put up some artwork, go outside and look for the chalkboards. Get close to one, click on the paint brush, and apply a piece of art. The games area is found indoors, in the room next to the lounge area. Finally, to take a photo go outside and find the Photo Booth which is close to the big Roblox statue. Click the photo button to take a selfie. After you’ve completed all three of those tasks, click the tasks button at the top left of the screen and click the “Claim Your Prize!” button.

Stranger Things Items

To get Dustin’s Hat for free, all you need to do is enter into the Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall game. You will be rewarded the hat as soon as the game loads. You will find it in the avatar section of Roblox!

The following part of this game might bugged right now. Let me know in the comments if you were able to get it to work!

There are other avatar items in the game that you can get, but you need to earn in-game coins. Go to each of the Stranger Things characters: Will, Eleven, Lucas, and Steve. Play each one of their games at least once to open up the Costume Store and the Accessories Shop on the first floor. You have to play the game all the way through, you can’t surrender midway through.

Each costume and item will cost you a certain amount of coins. Accessories are 1,100 – 1,600 Star Coins, and costumes range from 2,400 to 3,800 Star Coins. Star Coins can be obtained by playing all of the mini-games over and over, plus you can complete the daily quest each day. You can purchase each item with Robux if you really want it.

Free Nerf Items

Head into the new Nerf Hub and collect two free avatar items! You can get the Dart Cap by using the Claw Machine and you can get the Dart Glasses by playing a round at the Practice Range!

Wonder Woman Items

This is kind of a fun one, especially if you’re a big fan of the Wonder Woman DC franchise! You can head into the Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience game and earn coins to purchase items. There’s a bunch of different armors, hair, weapons, and other accessories that can be obtained. You can complete quests around the island to earn coins, which can then be used to purchase the items in the store! There’s some pretty good stuff in the game, so it’s worth spending some time completing all the quests to grabbing your favorites!

Shield of the Sentinel

The Shield of the Sentinel is a really nice back accessory that you can get just by answering some questions in a game. The game is called Beat the Scammers, and all it requires you to do is run around and answer 10 different questions correctly. Try to read the questions and understand them all, because they teach you some valuable lessons about avoiding scams in Roblox!

Creator Challenges

Roblox has been attempting to make the game creation process as simple as possible for potential developers. One of the ways it attempted to do this is by making creator challenges. What you do in these is read the tutorials laid out for the project and then answer questions based on them. If you get the answers correct, you will earn yourself some free items!

Here are the available challenges that you can do to get some free stuff:

These have been replaced by the Build It, Play It games that are similar, but use codes instead of just adding the items to your inventory. You can find information on them on our Roblox Promo Codes page.

Free Avatar Clothing & Body Items

These are all of the items that you can get for free in the Roblox Avatar Shop. This is sorted out by category, but you can also just head to the Avatar Shop and see them there. This list is sorted by items made only by Roblox. You can also use the All Creators filter to see free items that were made by players as well. The majority of those items are just shirts with various logos and images on them. There’s a whole lot of them and I have found them to be fairly low quality, so I didn’t include them below.


Coats, Hoodies, & Jackets

Dynamic Heads



Face Accessories




Pants, Shorts, & Skirts




  • None available but let us know if you find any!

Roblox Free Items FAQ

How do I get more free clothes and items in Roblox?

If you want more free items, you can go check out our promo codes page. If you purchase Robux, you can get Gift Cards from places like Walmart, GameStop, CVS, and a lot of other stores. When you purchase one of these cards, you will get a code for a free item. These items change every month, so it’s a good way to get extra items if you are purchasing Robux anyway! Other than that, there’s not a whole lot of ways for you to receive additional stuff. You just have to wait until Roblox adds more freebies.

When do these items expire?

Only some of the newer stuff tends to expire, but most of it will be available for a while. However, I still recommend grabbing any new stuff that pops up as soon as it’s available. You never know if it’s just going to be around briefly, so why risk it?

What items are free in Roblox?

Just about all types of avatar items are available for free. You can get hats, hair, faces, neck, shoulder, front, back, waist, and all other accessories. You can even get full bodies, which will give you all the parts you need for an avatar!

Those are all of the free items for your Roblox avatar that exist right now on the platform. You can find everything you’d want to know about a variety of games in the Roblox section of our website.

Shaun Savage

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    ParticleWizard – tomes of the magus shoulder accessory
    ThingsGoBoom – ghastly aura waist accessory

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    Is it just me or are the Head Blooming Flower, Forest Elf Bundle, and Nova the Galaxy Scientist Bundle no longer available, i have got the 20 boxes but there is no way where to trade them in for the avatar items, they cant be unavailable because people are still getting the badges, idk though, maybe the game is glitched. If no then can you show people where to trade them in because the place on the video isn’t there anymore.

    1. YES

      Also are the stranger things items still available (not the Dustin hat) because no one is getting the badges and (this might be just me) but the star coins counter doesn’t load and when i play the game it has no indication of me getting any, also i don’t know where the stores are even if i did get star coins

      1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

        I just tried the game and had the same issue. Seems to be bugged.

    2. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Not sure on that one, sorry.

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      Just about everything at the top is brand new, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

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      Not sure, it does sometimes take a little while for them to pop up in your inventory.

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      If they are unavailable then let me know and I will remove them.

      1. Yes

        Well for starters, the Mech wings aren’t available, even on iOS, the safer internet cap isn’t available, the Golf Shades also don’t work as well as the pasta hat, the Kid Nezha Bundle isn’t in the game anymore unless i cant find it but it should be at the spawn but it isn’t, the vans items aren’t available unless i cant find them, the Yellow Bandito Bandana, Icy Sai, Cyber Rider Helmet, Blue Space Buns, Red Punk Mohawk, Red Blurryface Beanie, Car Radio Ski Mask and Twenty One Pilots Flag all aren’t available, the Economy Team Cap isn’t available and the chipotle items all all not available except for the cap. That is all of the items but in case this sounds rude i do want to thank you for you work letting others know about these free items.

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          Thanks a lot, I have hopefully removed everything that is no longer available!

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      There’s a ton of codes on this page, what do you need help with?

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    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Looks like only one is available per day!

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        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          I mentioned that there’s other items.

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    Do you have a discord server or something?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Sorry, nothing really in the way of notifications! Add the page to your favorites and check back!

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    there is a new prime code: AMAZONFRIEND2021

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        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          There’s free roblox items in this post.

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      It’s listed in the section called, Creator Challenges.

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    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added now, thanks.

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      Get free ones using these methods:

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