Review Policy

Try Hard Guides believes heavily in the importance of reviews to inform the consumer on whether or not a product is worth purchasing. We take that responsibility seriously, and you can be assured that our reviews are as unbiased as possible.

It should also be noted that reviews are subjective to the reviewer. The person reviewing the game or product will not be influenced by the editorial staff to score it more positively or negatively.


If Try Hard Guides receives a code or product for review consideration, we will list this at the bottom of the review near the score. In terms of a game review, we will list which platform it was reviewed on, to better inform the reader on what they can expect in terms of how the game might perform on a specific platform.

Try Hard Guides does not accept payment for review consideration, and would never take payment to increase or change the score of a review.

Scores are unlikely to be changed, but if a major update is delivered to a product or game it is possible that the reviewer will take a second look. If this is the case, the details behind this revisit will be displayed clearly in the review.

Early Access Reviews

We will occasionally review games that are in Early Access. We believe if a company charges you money for a product it is worthy of review, regardless of what state it is in. If we do decide to review a game that is early in development, it is possible that we update the review once the game has received significant updates. Details on this will be included in the review.

Product and Game Choices

Try Hard Guides chooses the products or games to be reviewed based on reviewer and user interest. A reviewer is chosen for a review based on whether or not they have experience with the genre or product, or if they show an interest in it.


Try Hard Guides uses a 1 – 10 scoring system, where the number 10 represents the highest possible rating that an item can receive, with 1 being the lowest. Scores can receive fractions of a point if deemed necessary.

Gaming reviews take into account all aspects of the game, including graphics, performance, story, gameplay, sound, music, and everything else that makes up the experience.


Near perfect in every way with the possibility of minor flaws. A 10 score does not mean the reviewed item is without issues, however, these complaints will likely be either nitpicks or superficial in nature.


Considered to be great, but with at least an issue or two that take away from the experience or usage of the product.


Good and worth consideration, but features at least one or two glaring flaws that caused issues with the experience.


An average or enjoyable enough experience that is still considered worthy of purchase as long as you’re fine with the issues presented in the review.


Below average and usually means there are at least a few glaring issues with the product or game. Buyer should beware, as a score this low would usually preclude personal opinion or bias.


Bad and should be avoided. Product or game likely has inherent flaws that can’t be fixed, and even if they were the item would still not be worth your time and money.

4 – 0

Dismal to disgraceful and on par with being a scam. It is unlikely many reviews will reach this level, but if they do, that means the product or game is so bad that it is barely usable.

You can find our gaming based reviews in the Game Reviews section of our website. If you have questions about our review policies or want to submit a product for consideration, please use our Contact Us page.