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Mystery Merchant Spawn Times & Location in Pet Simulator X

We'll tell you how you can find the Mystery Merchant in Roblox Pet Simulator X so you can purchase pets for cheap!

Roblox Pet Simulator X has released the follow-up to its big Halloween update, and with that update is the release of the Mystery merchant which will temporarily appear on all servers. If you want to get access to this merchant, who sell pets at a big discount, we will show you how!

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Mystery Merchant Guide

To find the Mystery Merchant, you will need to head either to the Cave area in Spawn World or you will need to go to the Trading Plaza. If you have been playing the game at all, you likely already have access to the Cave in Spawn World.

It’s important to note that the Mystery Merchant only spawns at 12:00am/12:00pm CST time each day. If you don’t know what time that is where you live, just type “CST time now” into Google, and it should show you the current time. It will not always be available, and only will show up at those times for a short amount of time!

The Mystery Merchant does NOT always spawn in a server. If you don’t see one at the time when it is supposed to be there, you will need to jump into other servers to look for one. You will need to do this fast because the stock of the Mystery Merchant is limited, and other players can buy out all of the pets before you get a chance!

Mystery Merchant Countdown

If you are confused on the timing for when the Mystery Merchant will show up, we have added a couple of timers for each of the times it spawns in the game!

12:00am CST Spawn Time

0 Days 16 Hours 51 Min 5 Sec

12:00pm CST Spawn Time

0 Days 4 Hours 51 Min 5 Sec

Cave Location

The Cave is the final unlocked area that you can get in Spawn World, and opens up the cannon that will fire you off to Fantasy World. You can access it from the Teleport menu, or you can just head to Spawn World and run all the way to the end to locate it. The cave is pretty vacant, but you will find the Mystery Merchant on the side at the foot of the stars when it spawns.

Trading Plaza

The Trading Plaza entrance can be found in Spawn World behind all of the eggs that are for sale. Unfortunately, you will need 1,000,000 Diamonds to unlock it. Once you do, you will have access to just about all of the available machines in the game in one place, including the Mystery Merchant when it spawns.


The prices on these pets are much lower than anything you’ll find on the normal Traveling Merchant. here’s an example of one of them, where you could buy a Mythical Gold Ghoul Horse, Rainbow Grim Reaper, and the Mythical Rainbow Ghoul Horse.

That’s everything you need to know about finding the Mystery Merchant in Roblox Pet Simulator X! You can check out more information on the game in the Pet Simulator X portion of our website.

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  1. I’m going to close comments because everyone just keeps asking for the time in their area. There’s a countdown in this post that displays the time left before the Mysterious Merchant spawns. You can use that to determine the time in your area, it will be at the exact time when the timer reaches 0!

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    1. Use the countdowns.

  4. Every time I go to find the mystery merchant at 12:00 (EST) it never shows up

    1. It would be 1pm EST when it will show up. It also doesn’t always show in every server, so you might need to try different ones.

  5. And what time in the Poland plsss

      1. Whats the time it spawns in netherlands?

        1. Just use the countdown that was added to this post to find the time.

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    1. You are in the central time zone, so it’s the same as listed.

  8. i searched it up and its 12:18… im 18 mins late 🙁

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    1. 8am 8pm jeigu lietuviskai 8vakaro ir 8astunta ryto 🙂

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  15. Hi when will he be ther in the UK servers pls an is the private ones the same times in the UK pls

  16. what time will it spawn in singapore?

    1. Ello im a Singaporean and i can tell u that its 2am / 2pm

  17. 12:00 pm to hst/hawaiian standard time
    8:00 am

  18. what time will he appear in Brazil?

    1. Around 3pm/am

  19. Does this mysterious merchant still exist after Halloween is gone?

    1. Yes, it still exists.

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    1. at 2 pm and 2 am in petaling jaya time 🙂

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    1. Did you account for daylight savings time?

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    1. At 12:00am and 12:00pm CST, like it says in the post.

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        1. Yes, and I asked did you account for daylight savings time? Which means it might be at 11am CST now. I don’t know for sure.

          1. It didn’t come for me in 11:00 P.M. CST. Do you know for sure when it comes now?

          2. Are we sure it’s still in the game? I wasn’t sure if it was just a Halloween thing.