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5 Letter Words Starting with FE – Wordle Clue

Here is a complete list of 5-letter words starting with 'FE' to help you solve your Wordle puzzle today!

We’ve compiled this list of 5-letter words starting with FE that can help you figure out the solution to any word puzzle or game, including Wordle, to help you maintain your winning streak! Word games can be incredibly fun but sometimes quite challenging, so if you’re finding yourself stuck, our list below should help.

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5-Letter Words Starting with FE

The list of 5-letter words starting with FE, which you’ll find in full below, has been organized alphabetically to make easy to find and test words as you work towards finding the solution. Additionally, you can use our on-page solving tool to narrow down the possibilities by adding in more information as you find out what letters are or are not in the solution.

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5 Letter Words Starting with FE

  • feals
  • feard
  • feare
  • fears
  • feart
  • fease
  • feast
  • feats
  • feaze
  • fecal
  • feces
  • fecht
  • fecit
  • fecks
  • fedai
  • fedex
  • feebs
  • feeds
  • feels
  • feely
  • feens
  • feers
  • feese
  • feeze
  • fehme
  • feign
  • feint
  • feist
  • felch
  • felid
  • felix
  • fella
  • fells
  • felly
  • felon
  • felts
  • felty
  • femal
  • femes
  • femic
  • femme
  • femmy
  • femur
  • fence
  • fends
  • fendy
  • fenis
  • fenks
  • fenny
  • fents
  • feods
  • feoff
  • feral
  • ferer
  • feres
  • feria
  • ferly
  • fermi
  • ferms
  • ferns
  • ferny
  • ferox
  • ferry
  • fesse
  • festa
  • fests
  • festy
  • fetal
  • fetas
  • fetch
  • feted
  • fetes
  • fetid
  • fetor
  • fetta
  • fetts
  • fetus
  • fetwa
  • feuar
  • feuds
  • feued
  • fever
  • fewer
  • feyed
  • feyer
  • feyly
  • fezes
  • fezzy

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  1. mad

    no correct letters
    misplaced #3 is I and #4 is e & o

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Is this a Wordle puzzle? Because this guide only displays words from the Wordle answer and guess list.