Adin Ross says he owns a percentage in Kick, tells streamers ‘I own you’ amid Kai Cenat feud

Adin Ross claims ownership over new Kick streamers while Kai Cenat complains about his gossip.
Adin and Ross sit next to each other, Adin is talking to someone on the phone
Screenshot: Kai Cenat Live on YouTube

It’s been a rough 24 hours for Twitch, with new ad guidelines being posted and then almost immediately rescinded following near-universal streamer backlash. Now, some high-value streamers are considering other platforms, with Adin Ross saying to anyone coming to Kick that he will own them if they do so.

This is the first time that the streamer has made the announcement that he owns a percentage in Kick since joining, but that is arguably the less interesting part of the announcement. Ross makes it clear that he will “own” anyone who joins the platform, which some may find alarming given his recent rhetoric. This news came from streaming journalist HUN2R on Twitter, reporting on Ross’s alt account.

As expected, many have taken to the replies to mock him for this, with some even stating that this may work as an advertisement for sites like YouTube or even the lesser-known Rumble, which Kai Cenat even threatened Adin that he would encourage all of the AMP members to move to Rumble to further drive competition for Kick.

This follows Adin Ross and Kai Cenat going back and forth in recent days after Ross’s alleged leaking that Kai was in the process of negotiating a deal. On his stream last night, Twitch’s most subbed streamer seemed extremely frustrated with Adin, complaining about his recent gossip.

While Kai Cenat has denied the Rumble rumors, the fact they were believed and SEO guides were written about them shows we’re in a time where streamers are beginning to consider their options. The recent Twitch ad guidelines change only further incentivizes those moves.

Christian Harrison

Christian Harrison

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