Adopt Me Desert Egg Pets – All Rarities!

We're taking a look at all of the currently known pets that are hatchable in Roblox Adopt Me's Desert Egg!
Adopt Me Desert Egg With Cactus Friend And Criosphinx
Image: Try Hard Guides / Image: Adopt Me Wiki

Roblox Adopt Me! is launching the Desert, introducing 12 fresh pets for players to hatch and gather! This exciting egg will be available starting January 25th, 2024. If you’re wondering what pets are coming your way when the egg is available, then we have a list of all of the currently known pets that can be hatched out of the Desert Egg in Adopt Me!

If you want to tick down the time until the new Desert Egg is available, head over to our Adopt Me Desert Egg Countdown page. If you’re having trouble with some of the puzzles, use our Adopt Me Sphinx Puzzle Statue locations guide, which we update with every statue!

Adopt Me Desert Egg Pets

Each Desert egg should be purchasable for 750 in-game bucks once it has been released.

Armadillo (Common)

Adopt Me Armadillo
Image: Try Hard Guides / Image: Adopt Me Wiki

Armadillos are like little knights in armor! They have a cool shell that they can curl up inside when they’re scared. These little guys mostly come out at night and love munching on bugs.

Coyote (Common)

Adopt Me Coyote
Image: Try Hard Guides / Image: Adopt Me Wiki

Coyotes are smart and sneaky animals you might see in the countryside or even in cities. They have a famous howl and are really good at running and playing tricks. Coyotes help nature by keeping the number of mice and rats down.

Sandfish (Common)

Adopt Me Sandfish
Image: Try Hard Guides / Image: Adopt Me Wiki

Sandfish are not fish but super cool lizards that can ‘swim’ in sand! They wriggle through the desert just like a fish in water. Their smooth skin helps them slide under the sand to hide or find food.

Gila Monster (Uncommon)

Adopt Me Gila Monster
Image: Try Hard Guides / Image: Adopt Me Wiki

Gila Monsters look a bit scary because they’re one of the only lizards with venom. They have colorful skin and a really strong bite. But don’t worry, they move slowly and like to mind their own business.

Rattlesnake (Uncommon)

Adopt Me Rattlesnake
Image: Try Hard Guides / Image: Adopt Me Wiki

Rattlesnakes are famous for the rattle sound their tails make. They do this to say, “Stay back!” They can also sense warmth, which helps them find their food in the dark.

Oryx (Rare)

Adopt Me Oryx
Image: Try Hard Guides / Image: Adopt Me Wiki

Oryxes are big, graceful animals that live in dry places. They have long, straight horns and can go a long time without water. They’re really good at living in the desert and finding food where it’s hard to find.

Thorny Devil (Rare)

Adopt Me Thorny Devil
Image: Try Hard Guides / Image: Adopt Me Wiki

Thorny Devils are little lizards covered in spikes. They’re amazing because they can collect water on their skin and drink it! They’re small, eat lots of ants, and can even change color.

Deathstalker Scorpion (Ultra-Rare)

Adopt Me Deathstalker Scorpion
Image: Try Hard Guides / Image: Adopt Me Wiki

Deathstalker Scorpions may sound scary because of their venom, but they’re actually quite small. They glow under a special light and use their pinchers and tail to catch bugs to eat.

Roadrunner (Ultra-Rare)

Adopt Me Roadrunner
Image: Try Hard Guides / Image: Adopt Me Wiki

Roadrunners are birds that prefer to run super fast instead of flying. They have long legs and can zoom around really quickly. They’re always on the move, looking for their next snack.

Vulture (Ultra-Rare)

Adopt Me Vulture
Image: Try Hard Guides / Image: Adopt Me Wiki

Vultures are big birds that help clean up the environment. They eat things that are already dead, which keeps everything tidy. Vultures have bald heads, which helps them stay clean.

Cactus Friend (Legendary)

Adopt Me Cactus Friend
Image: Try Hard Guides / Image: Adopt Me Wiki

The Cactus Friend is a legendary pet in Adopt Me!. It’s a cactus with a cute face and tiny limbs, making it one of the most unique and adorable pets in the game. It doesn’t need water, making it a low-maintenance companion.

Criosphinx (Legendary)

Adopt Me Criosphinx
Image: Try Hard Guides / Image: Adopt Me Wiki

Criosphinxes are make-believe creatures that are part lion and part ram. They come from stories told a long, long time ago. They’re strong and wise, and in stories, they guard important places.

Those are all the pets that have currently been announced, which will appear in the Desert Egg in Roblox Adopt Me! After some freebies? Head over to our Roblox Game Codes page to find a bunch of them!

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