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We show all the job options available in Adopt Me and their respective pay rates.
Adopt Me Doctor Job
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Adopt Me lets players earn bucks by working at different jobs. In this guide, we will delve into the different jobs available and what they pay.

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All Jobs And What They Pay In Adopt Me

Below are all of the jobs in Adopt Me and how much Bucks they pay. Keep in mind that you only make money in the day time. All places are closed at night, so no money can be made then.


Adopt Me Job Pizza Manager
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The Manager role in the pizza place lets you “Grab Pay Bonuses” and select the “Employee of the Week.” These are dependent on other players because you have to give them to them. The pay is 15 Bucks a minute.


Adopt Me Job Chef
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As of the Quality of Life Update, all perks of the Chef are available to non-employees. These include tasks such as grabbing pizza dough, adding ingredients, and baking in the Pizza Oven. You get 10 Bucks a pizza.


Adopt Me Job Waiter
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Similar to the Chef role, the Waiter/Waitress position allows non-employees to access perks after the Quality of Life Update. These perks involve tasks like grabbing “Notepad: Take orders” and grabbing Pizza Box. The pay is 15 Bucks a minute.

Salon Manager

Adopt Me Job Salon Manager
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At the Salon location, the Salon Manager has the ability to “Grab Pay Bonuses” and select the “Employee of the Week.” Just like with the pizza boss, this requires other employees in the store. The pay is 15 Bucks a minute.


Adopt Me Job Stylist
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Following the “Quality of Life Update,” non-employees can access the Stylist’s perks, which include grabbing Colored Hair Spray and accessing the Salon Manager Office. The pay is 15 Bucks a minute.


Adopt Me Job Doctor
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This job as passive, giving you the opportunity to earn money without doing any work. The pay is 15 Bucks a minute.


Adopt Me Job Nurse
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This job is passive, allowing you to earn money without active effort. The pay is 15 Bucks a minute.


Adopt Me Job Principal
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Principals at the School location are able to “Grab Pay Bonuses.” That’s it though. The pay is 15 Bucks a minute.


Adopt Me Job Teacher
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This job is just a stand-around job, where you make money regardless of what you do. The pay is 15 Bucks a minute.

What Do The Jobs in Adopt Me pay?

Each job pays differently in Adopt Me, some more than others. Every job except Chef pays 15 Bucks a minute. Only Pizza Chef’s pay is dependant on the tasks, as you make 10 Bucks a pizza.

What Is The Pay Limit In Adopt Me?

If you reach 50 Bucks then you can no longer earn any more that day. However, in game days are pretty short. Your limit is for all jobs, so even if you leave one and go to another, you won’t start from 0 Bucks, you’ll start from however much you’ve made so far.

Where Can You Work In Adopt Me?

You can go to the Hospital and School for the work that doesn’t require activities. You can find these two at the town center. Alternatively, you can go to the Salon and Pizza Place. Both are in the same area, across the red bridge. One looks like scissors on a building while they other is a big pizza slice building.

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