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Adopt Me Potion Ingredient Locations (Halloween 2021)

We'll show you where you can find all of the ingredients for the Adopt Me potion brewing minigame in this guide!
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The Roblox Adopt Me Halloween 2021 event is underway and you are going to need to gather yourself some candy. This can be done in a couple of different ways, and one of these ways is by completing the Potion Brewing minigame! To finish the game, you will need to gather three different ingredients, and we’ll show you where each one is in this guide.

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Potion Ingredient Locations

You will need to gather three different ingredients to complete the brew and get your Candy! Once you’ve added all three to the cauldron, you will receive a potion that you can use to get a limited-time effect.

Tall Glow Mushroom

The Tall Glow Mushroom is located underwater near the stairs that lead into the area with the statue and cells!

Adopt Me Tall Glowing Mushroom Image

Half Glow Mushroom

The Half Glow Mushroom is right next to the area where you wait for the potion brewing event!

Adopt Me Ingredient Half Glow Mushroom Image

Black Fern

The Black Fern can be found near the big head statue in the center of the area that is surrounded by all of the jail cells!

Adopt Me Ingredient Black Fern Image

Big Mushroom

The Big Mushroom can be found in Cell 006 sitting in what is hopefully a bird cage.

Adopt Me Ingredient Big Mushroom Image

Small Mushroom

The Small Mushroom can be found in Cell 002 in the little window area on the right side of the cell.

Adopt Me Ingredient Small Mushroom Image

White Fern

The White Fern ingredient can be found right near the entrance where you teleport into the Halloween Crypt area!

Adopt Me Ingredient White Fern Image

Tall Mushroom

The Tall Mushroom is in Cell 001, which will take you to the Christmas area. You can find the Tall Mushroom underneath the sign with the dog drawings.

Adopt Me Ingredient Tall Mushroom Image

Those are all of the locations of the ingredients for the Roblox Adopt Me Potion Brewing minigame! You can find all sorts of additional information about the game in the Adopt Me section of our website.

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  3. Adam

    One potion makes you have a tiny dog head.

    1. Ash_notAshley

      What ingredients do you need for it?

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    Thank you i needed this

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    Can i have a question
    What does the potion do from the cauldron in halloween event?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I believe there is different potions, but one surrounds you with candles temporarily.

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    This helped so much Thank you

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    you forgot “tall glow mushroom” which is underwater by the staircase in the cave

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      Added now, thanks!