Aether Gazer’s Red & Green Event: Osiris, Verthandi, and More

Aether Gazer's upcoming Red & Green event features new characters Osiris and Verthandi, game modes, and unique outfits.
Aether Gazer Red Green Update
Image: Yo Star

Aether Gazer is poised to launch its highly anticipated Red & Green limited-time event, an update set to breathe fresh life into the game with new narratives, gameplay twists, character modifications, and stylish outfit options. The event runs from June 6th to June 27th (UTC-7).

This launch introduces S-ranked Osiris and A-ranked Verthandi, two powerful Raid Up characters. Osiris, a formidable DPS unit, is characterized as a ‘living solo’ with an aggressive playstyle. Her unique ultimate skill, “Hell to Pay,” allows her to momentarily enter a mode called Judge of the Underworld, replenishing her HP to full and altering her attack dynamics. This transformation makes her an imposing ranged tank, capable of launching sword wings at the target to deal wind damage, a skill known as Darkwing Scythe. She can also attack enemies around her with her scythe in a deadly move called Spin of Death.

Osiris Skills
Image: Yostar

Joining Osiris in this update is Verthandi, a character with robust tanking capabilities that are crucial in gaming combat. Verthandi’s Shield Throw ability allows her to deal thunder damage by hurling her shield at her enemies, and each successful hit grants Divine Grace. Additionally, her Counter Strike ability enables her to raise her shield and counterattack whenever she is hit. Verthandi can also leap and smash downwards with her Protection of Faith skill, dealing Thunder DMG and granting herself a shield. What sets Verthandi apart is her ability to blend her defensive and offensive capacities, adding a fresh layer of excitement to player engagement.

Verthandi Skills
Image: Yostar

One of the standout features of the update is the addition of new outfits for S-ranked Osiris and Poseidon. The unveiling of these outfits, initially anticipated for version 1.6, adds another level of intrigue to the game’s aesthetic appeal.

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On top of character and wardrobe updates, the Red & Green event introduces innovative game modes. The Imago challenge presents players with a unique version of available characters, and the Gen Zone simulation adds an element of unpredictability with special buffs to enemies and potential debuffs to the player’s team. These modes come with worthwhile rewards upon successful completion, adding further incentive to the gameplay.

The event also ushers in ‘Dream Link’, a narrative-driven experience featuring S-ranked Osiris that mimics the casualty survey game mode. This story coincides with the release of Osiris and the related Awakening of Ulcer storyline.

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