Aliens: Dark Descent reveals new pre-order trailer on Alien Day

Aliens: Dark Descent teases tactical action and a new breed of xenomorph in the latest pre-order trailer.
Aliens Dark Descent 2
Image: Tindalos Interactive

Aliens: Dark Descent, the upcoming isometric action strategy game from developer Tindalos Interactive and publisher Focus Entertainment, has released a new pre-order trailer. It includes fresh gameplay and cinematic footage, just in time for Alien Day. It’s celebrated on April 26th, since the iconic alien derelict ship was found on LV-426 in the original Alien.

Aliens: Dark Descent is slated to launch on June 20th, 2023. It will be available on PC and current or last-gen consoles for PlayStation and Xbox. There’s still no word on a Nintendo Switch port. You can watch the full pre-order trailer on the Focus Entertainment YouTube channel:

Aliens: Dark Descent will be conceptually divisive, as the iso real-time strategy gameplay is very different from other games inspired by the classic IP. It likely won’t be able to muster the ferocious pacing of Aliens: Fireteam Elite, nor the immersive horror of Alien: Isolation.

However, the squad-based combat, upgrade mechanics, classes and abilities, and permanent death certainly fit. Players who are already fans of the genre should be very pleased, and skeptical Alien fans might even be won over if the gameplay is both dense and suspenseful enough.

The cinematics in today’s pre-order trailer are definitely gorgeous, and it does showcase some narrative appeal. Ideally, an original story will make the most of the opportunity to expand rather than rely on nostalgia alone.

There will be a new breed of the xenomorph, which is always fascinating, though sometimes disappointing. The flexibility of its nature has led to some pretty strange results, but it’s always fun to see how different creatives interpret and evolve its behavior.

It’s much appreciated that the devs planned out an obligatory celebration of Alien Day, and hopefully Aliens: Dark Descent will introduce a new wave of casual gamers to the classic film.

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