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All Characters in Anime Warriors

Let's take a look at all of the available characters you can get in Roblox Anime Warriors!
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One of the primary things you will be doing in Roblox Anime Warriors is collecting characters. There are a lot of them to get, and some are more powerful than others. Each hero has their own set of abilities and skills, so you will want to look for the ones that best suit your style of play!

Getting characters in Anime Warriors is going to cost you Crystals. You can get Crystals by completing Adventure levels, AFKing, codes, and spending Robux. We have a guide on how to get Crystals fast, so be sure to check that out.

Characters can be summoned in two ways. You can use the Anime Mashup banner, which costs less Crystals (50/500), but gives you less of a chance to get higher star rating characters. Or you can go to the specific anime of the hero you want, and spend more Crystals (100, 150, 1000, and 1500), but have a higher probability of obtaining a rare character.

The pity timer is separate for each banner, so you will want to focus on one of them until you hit it! If you reach the end of the pity count, you will receive a guaranteed 4+ Star character. There’s an additional pity counter for a 5+ Star character, which is even longer!

Be sure to check out our Anime Warriors codes page to get free stuff that will help get you some new heroes!

All Characters in Anime Warriors

These are all of the currently available characters that you can summon in Anime Warriors. We expect there will be a whole lot more as the game receives updates in the future.

6-Star Characters

  • Brolly (Broky)
  • Kisuke Urahara (Uraha)
  • Mihawk (Mihoku)

5-Star Characters

  • Minato Namikaze (The 4th)

4-Star Characters

  • Gaara (Goora)
  • Kakashi (Kashidori)
  • Vegeta (Bejita)
  • Zabuza (Zabuzo)
  • Zoro (Zorui)

3-Star Characters

  • Goku (Son)
  • Ichigo (Ichigara)
  • Kid Sasuke (Kid Sassy)
  • Luffy (Ruffy)
  • Nappa (Nadda)
  • Piccolo (Pikkoro)
  • Raditz (Raditsu)
  • Sanji (Sanjuro)
  • Uryu (Ruyu)

2-Star Characters

  • Naruto (Narudo)
  • Chad (Ched)
  • Usopp (Usopie)
  • Master Roshi (Master)
  • Axe-Hand Morgan (Axe Wielding Lunatic)
  • Yamcha (Yamucha)
  • Tien (Tion)
  • Kid Gohan (Kid Goran)
  • Higuma (Hikuma)
  • Krillin (Kuririn)

1-Star Characters

These are considered fodder and used to feed your higher power characters. These can be purchased with coins, which are gotten by playing Adventure levels.

  • Bandit 1
  • Bandit 2
  • Marine Shooter
  • Marine Swordsman
  • Mist Shinobi 1
  • Mist Shinobi 2
  • Mizuki (Mizu)

That’s all of the information we have on all of the characters in Roblox Anime Warriors! We have a lot more coverage on the game, so be sure to check out the Anime Warriors section of our website.

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