All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) Autoplay + DMG Reset Update Log & Patch Notes

The latest update in Roblox ASTD introduces AUTOPLAY capabilities, Damage Task Reset, new banner units, and a plethora of bug fixes and gameplay improvements.
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The Roblox game All Star Tower Defense has recently rolled out a new update featuring various changes, including the introduction of the AUTOPLAY function. This feature allows players to enable artificial intelligence to play missions for them. It’s important to note that AUTOPLAY does not fully replace player involvement, but can facilitate completion of simpler missions. As this is a newly-introduced feature, the developers are requesting users to report any encountered bugs through their designated Bugs Channels. If you’re looking for the newest freebies, head to our ASTD Codes page.

Among other additions are two new Z Banner Units and an option for Auto Replay within the settings menu. The game has also integrated a Damage Task Reset and a new code, diversifying gameplay options for the players. The update further includes a Stardust Rerun Banner featuring units like Stampede, Falcon, and Expert Sorcerer II. In addition, Demon Spirit Detective has now been made evolvable through the use of orbs, and a new banner Y unit that can be evolved has been added to the game. A Girl Shadow variant is now accessible in the Gauntlet mode, and Octo has been incorporated into the Z Banner Rotation.

The game has seen changes in its Infinite Maps as well. These have been rearranged, and Light Child Blessing has been introduced. Additional features include 5x daily rewards, an EXP update, and an option to teleport to different areas in World 1 through clickable area names. Players now also have the opportunity to buy twice as many gems than before. Blessings for Eyezen (both BW and Summer versions) and Zaruto (Alternative) have been corrected. Elemental Infinite has been reintroduced, and some harder maps in Tower Mode have been removed. On the user interface, Adventures Tab Raids have been fixed.

The update doesn’t stop at new features and improvements; a range of bug fixes has been carried out. Among them are fixes for unit FX bugs and game speed for allied units. The AFK area now asks for player confirmation for teleportation. Various other bugs have been addressed including the leaderboard display, AOE collisions, Eternal Alchemist’s stats, some Xbox-specific bugs, and control unit bugs. Gameplay on mobile devices has been improved to be more seamless. Orb material gain has been increased, and lag issues on World 2 have been addressed.

Here’s the full list of changes from the official Discord Server:

Update Log:
(Introducing Auto Play Feature)
-Enable During Games To Have Ai Play For You
-Does Not Replace You Entirely! But If You Have Good Enough Units You Can Autoplay Easy Missions
-This Is A New Feature So Please Report All Bugs In The Bugs Channels!

-2 New Z Banner Units
-Damage Task Reset
-New Code
-Auto Replay Added In Settings
-Added Stardust Rerun Banner Of Stampede, Falcon & Expert Sorcerer II
-Demon Spirit Detective Now Evolvable (Orb Works) {Blessing Will Come}
-New Banner Y Unit That Can be Evolved
-Girl Shadow Variant Available In Gauntlet
-Added Octo To Z Banner Rotation
-Changed Around Current Infinite Maps
-Added Light Child Blessing
-5x’ed Daily Rewards
-EXP Update
-Added Clickable Area Names To Tp To In W1
-2x’ed Purchasable Gems
-Fixed Blessing For Eyezen (BW)
-Fixed Blessing For Eyezen (Summer)
-Fixed Blessing For Zaruto (Alternative)
-Readded Elemental Infinite
-Removed Some Hard Maps In Tower Mode
-Adventures Tab Raids Fixed On Ui

-Bug Fixes:
-Fixed Unit FX Bugs
-Allied Units Now Speed Up According To Game Speed
-Afk Area Now Asks To TP You
-Fixed Leaderboard Display
-Fixed AOE Collisions
-Fixed Eternal Alchemist’s Stats
-Fixed Some Xbox Bugs
-Made Mobile More Seamless
-Fixed Some Control Unit Bugs
-Buffed Orb Material Gain
-Fixed Lag Issues With Spawn On World 2

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