All Type Soul Items Explained – Hollow Essence & More!

Are you wondering what all the items do in Type Soul? Then look no further as our guide tells you what these items do but even how to get them, such as Hollow Essence and more!
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Type Soul is a Roblox RPG inspired by the anime series Bleach. Throughout the game, players encounter various items that are essential for getting new equipment, boosting their stats, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about items from Mythical to Rare in Type Soul.

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Type Soul Items Guide – How to Get and Use

Here’s a list of all items in Type Soul and what they do:

Mythical Type Soul Items

  • True Hogyoku
    • What it does
      • Upgrades Vastocar/Vizard/Letz Stil into True Vastocar/Vizard/Letz Stil
    • How to get
      • Ranked / Clan War Mythical Drop
  • Hollow Essence
    • What it does
      • Changes Partial Skills with M1 – (Does not reroll your res)
    • How to get
      • Drops from the Bawabawa boss.
  • Soul Ticket
    • What it does
      • Wipes the slot you are on
    • How to get
      • Obtained through Karakura Town Raids (XX:00 in real life time).
      • Can also be obtained through bosses like Bawabawa and Jidanbo.

Legendary Type Soul Items

  • Skill Box
    • What it does
      • Skill boxes are legendary boxes that contain skills for each skill tree that you have 25 skill points in. You can only have 2 skill boxes at a time if you want to change or use more skill boxes you must blue pill.
    • How to get
      • Ultra Rare reward for completing Raids (0.1%)
      • Skill box rates are doubled during Weekends (UTC time)
  • Hogyoku Fragment
    • What it does
      • These are used as part of the process of getting Vizard for Soul Reapers, Vastocar for Hollows, and Letzt Stil for Quincys.
        • (You need 7 to be Vasto, 9 to get Gran Rey Cero, and 10 to become Letz/Vizard.)
    • How to get
      • Can be obtained at faction (Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, Wandenreich) raids. (Not in Kurakara Raids)
      • Can be obtained from Ranked
      • Can be obtained from Clan Wars
  • Shikai/Res/Volt Reroll
    • What it does
      • Rerolls your Shikai/Res/Volt
    • How to get
      • Obtainable via raids, ranked, or as a gamepass.

Rare Type Soul Items

  • Red Pill
    • What it does
      • It provides you 5 skill points.
        • You can pop it twice on every faction
    • How to get
      • Purchase from the Karakura Raid Shop for 8,000K.
  • Blue PIll
    • What it does
      • Blue pill resets your build. Giving you all the skill points back. However, you would receive all the skill points but the red pill skill points. In order to get the extra 10 skill points back, you would have to pop another red pill to receive the extra 10 skill points.
        • You would also lose the skill boxes or essences you have popped when you blue pill.
      • Removes current essence if it has a stat requirement.
    • How to get
      • Reward for completing Karakura Raids. Or you can, purchase from the Karakura Raid Shop for 150,000K.
  • Hollow Box
    • What it does
      • Hollow Box gives you a unique weapon. Such as:
        • Ulquoirra’s Katana, Harribel’s Dagger, Wonderweiss’s Sword, Grimmjows Claws, Barragan’s Axe, Neliel’s Lance, Nnoitra’s Scythe, Tessen, and Bloodedge
    • How to get
      • Hollow Boxes can be obtained through raids or either from KT shops for 40,000K
  • Spirit Box
    • What it does
      • Obtain the unique weapons in the Quincy faction through a Spirit Box.
    • How to get
      • Spirit Boxes can be obtained through raids or either from KT shops for 80,000K
  • Hierro Plating
    • What it does
      • An item used to upgrade an arrancar’s Hierro, it can only be used two times.
        • Using one plating will increase hierro from 10 → 15, using it a second time will increase hierro from 15 → 21.
    • How to get
      • Can be obtained by killing Bawabawa in Hueco Mundo, buying it via the Karakura Town Shop, or through winning a raid.
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