Anime Fighting Simulator X Boss Drops Guide – Dimension 2!

Find out which bosses drop the best items and learn how to increase your drop rate in Anime Fighting Simulator X!
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Ah, the thrill of Roblox’s Anime Fighting Simulator X hunt! Nothing quite matches the adrenaline rush of facing off against a formidable boss and eagerly anticipating that sweet loot drop at the end. But it’s got even better! With the AFSX update 5, a new realm was added called Dimension 2, and with it comes new bosses and new boss drops. This guide will walk you through every boss drop and their elusive item drop rates in Anime Fighting Simulator X

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Anime Fighting Simulator X Boss Items and their Drop Rates

Let’s take a closer look at the bosses that populate Anime Fighting Simulator X and the treasures they guard to get some rare items. These could be accessories with enhancements or quirks that offer unique skills. I’ll split this into two sections, one for Dimension 1 and the other for Dimension 2.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Boss Drops List – Dimension 2

All Rates for Dimension 2 boss drops are currently unknown in Anime Fighting Simulator X; we’ll update this section once we know more.


  • Ulqiorra Champion
  • Ulqiorra Special
  • Lanza Sword Skin


  • Rika Special


  • String Fruit
  • Doflamingo Champion
  • Doffy’s Cape Accessory


  • Mochi Fruit
  • Katakuri Champion
  • Conqueror’s Scarf Accessory

Vase Demon

  • Vase Demon Special
  • Water Vase Accessory


  • Goro Fruit
  • Eneru Drums Accessory
  • Trident Sword Skin

Sea Beast

  • Sea Beast Tooth Material
  • Random Devil Fruit

Anime Fighting Simulator X Boss Drops List – Dimension 1

Are you ready to take on Arlong or his new name Arlongo? Here’s what you can get:

Arlongo – Level 15

A screenshot of the Arlongo Boss fight in Anime Fighting Simulator X
Image: Bandites
  • Chikara Shards: One of the foundations of power in Anime Fighting Simulator X, taking down Arlongo ensures a gain of 1500 to 3000 Chikara. Trust me; it’s the currency you’d want in your pockets.
  • Shiny Rock: Ah, the elusive Shiny Rock! With just a 3% drop chance, acquiring one from Arlongo is akin to finding a diamond in the rough. And let me tell you, once you evolve your champions with it, they’ll shine brighter than any diamond.
  • Fin Accessory: Fancy a swim? Arlongo has a generous 10% drop rate for the Fin accessory. This is not just for show; it boosts your damage by 10% and turns you into a swimming pro!
  • Arlongo Special: It was called Arlong Special before they changed his name. This item might be hard to get with its 1% drop rate, but once you have it, you’ll realize it’s worth every effort. It’s a game-changer, amplifying your abilities and skills.

Hand Demon – Level 25

Think you’ve got what it takes to defeat the Hand Demon? Here’s what’s on the line:

  • Chikara: Your victory might secure you anywhere from 2500 to 4000 Chikara. I’ve been there, and trust me, it feels like hitting the jackpot!
  • Shiny Rock: This sneaky demon has upped the ante with a 5% drop rate for the coveted Shiny Rocks. I’ve spent hours chasing this, and it’s worth every second.
  • Slayer Mask: If you’re into swords like I am, this is the accessory for you. With a 10% chance, the Slayer Mask could be yours, boosting all your sword damages by 10%. Slice and dice, my friend!

Armored Titan – Level 40

Ah, the hulking Armored Titan. We’ve all been there, gazing up at its enormous form, hoping to emerge victorious. And the rewards? Totally worth the challenge.

  • Chikara: Bring down this giant, and you’re looking at a payout of 3000 to 6000 Chikara. In my experience, it feels like winning the lottery in the world of Anime Fighting Simulator X!
  • Shiny Rock: If you’re feeling lucky, there’s a 7% drop rate for Shiny Rocks here. Every time I manage to snag one, it’s like striking gold.
  • Scout Cape Accessory: This is not just a fashion statement. With a 10% drop rate, the Scout Cape not only makes you look legendary but also adds a solid 10% to your HP and boosts your sword ability damage. A double win!
  • Armored Titan Special: Now, this is the crown jewel! With just a 1% drop chance, obtaining it is a brag-worthy achievement. It unlocks a special ability, giving you the upper hand in battles. I’ve seen it turn the tide in many confrontations.

Shukaku – Level 50

A screenshot showing two Roblox characters flying around the Desert Island boss, Shukaku in Anime Fighting Simulator X
Image: Bandites

Stepping into the desert realm of Shukaku? Prepare yourself, because the stakes are high, and the rewards, absolutely tantalizing.

  • Chikara: Defeating Shukaku showers you with 4500 to 7500 Chikara. The elation of this win? Indescribable!
  • Shiny Rock: With an 8% drop chance, Shukaku’s Shiny Rock is a prize every Anime Fighting Simulator X player dreams of. I remember the first time I got my hands on one – pure euphoria.
  • One Tail Shard: Now, this is where it gets interesting. With a whopping 45% drop rate, your odds of getting the One Tail Shard are pretty good. It’s a game-changer for the One Tailed Transformation ability.
  • Gourd Accessory: At a 10% drop chance, the Gourd accessory is a must-have. It doesn’t just look cool, it boosts your chakra ability damage by 10%.
  • One Tail Special: Elusive and rare with its 1% drop rate, the One Tail Special is the stuff of legends in Anime Fighting Simulator X. If you manage to obtain it, know that you’re among the elite.

Friezy – Level 60

Facing Friezy is no child’s play. But the rewards? Oh boy, they’re something to behold!

  • Chikara: Besting Friezy can net you a whopping 5500 to 8500 Chikara. Every time I’ve managed this feat, it’s felt like an early birthday gift!
  • Shiny Rock: With a 10% drop chance, Friezy’s Shiny Rock is among the most sought-after treasures. And once you transform your champion with it, you’ll see why.
  • Friezy Helmet Accessory: This isn’t just any this is a Frieza helmet accessory. With a 10% drop rate, it not only looks intimidating but also provides a 5% universal damage reduction. Talk about style with substance!
  • Friezy’s Pod Mount: Fancy cruising around in style? With a 5% drop rate, the Friezy’s mount lets you traverse the Anime Fighting Simulator X universe with flair and speed. It’s my go-to mode of transport!

Monkey – Level 70

It’s not just any monkey; it’s the Monkey boss, a mighty foe that’ll test all your Anime Fighting Simulator X skills. But with great challenges come even greater rewards.

  • Chikara: Toppling the Monkey boss will reward you with a lavish 7500 to 10000 Chikara. Every time I secure this, it feels like Anime Fighting Simulator X’s way of giving me a hearty pat on the back!
  • Shiny Rock: Boasting a 12% drop rate, Monkey’s Shiny Rock isn’t just any rock—it’s your golden ticket to evolving champions into their mighty shiny forms.
  • Great Ape’s Tail Accessory: With a 10% drop chance, this accessory isn’t monkeying around. It boosts your maximum HP by 10%, ensuring you’re always a step ahead in battle.
  • Cloud Mount: Have you ever wanted to soar the skies with grace? At a 5% drop rate, the Cloud mount isn’t just about the looks—it guarantees you’ll ride in unparalleled style. It’s my top pick when it comes to making an entrance.
  • Great Ape Transformation: Once called Ape Special, This is the real deal. With a scarce 1% drop rate, the Great Ape Transformation is nothing short of a marvel, gifting players exceptional capabilities that can tilt the scales in their favor.

Overhaul – Level 120+

A screenshot of the Overhaul boss from Anime Fighting Simulator X
Image: Bandites

This boss is not to be trifled with for the uninitiated. You need to put in the work and then some to fight the Overhaul boss from My Hero Academia.

  • Chikara: Bagging the boss guarantees a whopping 10000 to 15000 Chikara every time. It’s Anime Fighting Simulator X tipping its hat to my prowess!
  • Shiny Rock: Still at a 12% drop rate, the Overhaul’s Shiny Rock remains the dazzling key to transforming champions into their radiant shiny versions.
  • Overhaul Mask Accessory: Donning a 10% drop chance, the Overhaul Mask isn’t just a mask—it’s a bold statement, amplifying your presence in any showdown.
  • Overhaul Special/Quirk: The crown jewel! With an elusive 1% drop rate, the Overhaul Special is the game-changer, empowering players with a formidable quirk to dominate the arena. This is once quirk that will give you a significant boost.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Boss Locations and Spawn Times

Alright, fellow gamers, here’s the golden nugget – the spawn times. In Anime Fighting Simulator X, timing is everything. You wouldn’t want to miss a boss because you were a minute late, right? Bosses spawn at specific times, giving you an adrenaline-packed schedule to follow. Look for the skull icons on the minimap to help you find them all:

AFSX Boss Spawn Times – Dimension 2

Boss nameSpawn timeLocation
30 minutes past the hour
Dressrosa, west of the main island
One minute before the next hour
Skypiea, east of the main island
10 minutes past the hour
Left side of the main Island
Sea Beastxx:20
20 minutes past the hour
Ocean, north of the main island.
50 minutes past the hour
Hueco Mundo, accessible through the
portal southeast of the main island.
Vase Demonxx:40
40 minutes past the hour
Unnamed island, northwest of the main island.

AFSX Boss Spawn Times – Dimension 1

Boss nameSpawn timeLocation
Arlongo20 minutes past the hourIce Island
Armored Titan30 minutes past the hourIce Island
Friezy50 minutes past the hourVolcano Island
Hand DemonOne minute before the next hourForest Island
Monkey10 minutes past the hourSaiyan Island
PainCheck in-game time boardBoss arena only
Shukaku40 minutes past the hourDesert Island

Mark these times. Gear up, be on time, and be ready to loot! Defeating these formidable foes not only boosts your street cred in Anime Fighting Simulator X but can also accelerate your gameplay to new heights.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Unique Boss Drops (AFSX Boss Drops)

A screenshot of the boss drops received from defeating Friezy
Image: Bandites

Diving into Anime Fighting Simulator X is like opening a treasure chest – you never know what you’re going to get! But, with some expertise and a sprinkle of luck, there are some boss drops that can make your experience exceptional.

  1. Friezy
    • Boss Drop: Friezy’s very own mount, plus the Friezy Helmet which, as an accessory item, not only protects but also stylishly complements your primary gear. Who said you can’t look good while battling? All from killing the Frieza boss.
  2. Armored Titan
    • Boss Drop: The regal Scout Cape and the Titan Transformation ability. Every time I equip that cape, I can’t help but feel like Anime Fighting Simulator X royalty.
  3. Monkey
    • Boss Drop: The awe-inspiring Great Ape Transformation, the snazzy Flying Nimbus mount, and the mighty Great Ape’s Tail accessory that boosts your player’s HP like nobody’s business. Ya just gotta defeat an ape boss.
  4. Hand Demon
    • Boss Drop: The Slayer Mask, which is no ordinary accessory. It’s a testament to your prowess, amplifying all sword damage by 10%.
  5. Arlongo
    • Boss Drop: The Fin. Beyond its cool aesthetics, this accessory offers a sweet 10% universal damage boost and enhances swimming speed. Who said fishes had all the fun?
  6. Pain
    • Boss Drop: Pain, from the anime Naruto, the mesmerizing Imperfect Rinnegan ability, and the Headband accessory which, besides being a fashion statement, powers up your chakra ability damage by a cool 15%.
  7. Shukaku
    • Boss Drop: The unique One Tailed Transformation ability, the One Tail Shard, and the Gourd, which besides being an intriguing accessory, supercharges your chakra ability damage.
  8. Overhaul
    • Boss Drop: Overhaul Mask. We are unsure what this does, as I have not managed to kill the Overhaul boss, but there’s a 10% chance of getting it.

AFSX Conclusion

Delving into Anime Fighting Simulator X’s world requires both skill and the right intel on boss drops and item rates. From confronting Arlongo to tackling the formidable Monkey boss, each skirmish hones our gaming prowess, underscoring the significance of understanding drop rates and strategizing our moves. As seasoned Anime Fighting Simulator X enthusiasts, the exhilaration of securing a rare drop and the suspense of each boss encounter are the hooks that draw us, and likely many of you, repeatedly into the fray.

Set against the vast backdrop of Roblox, Anime Fighting Simulator X distinguishes itself not just through captivating graphics or gameplay, but through a community bonded by shared adventures and the thrill of the hunt for elusive boss drops. Regardless of whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran, this guide aims to be your trusty compass. Remember, every acquired drop, rare or otherwise, celebrates your commitment. Here’s to the chase and the hope that fortune favors your battles!

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