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Anime Mania Bleach update is now available!

Anime Mania just got a big new update that features characters inspired by the Anime Bleach!
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Anime Mania has accelerated in popularity, and has now brought a brand new update to the game that brings seven brand new characters! You will now be able to get Nil, Shinjo, Zarrk, Tamamoto, Visorded Echigo, Lad Unhinged, and Chilling Tukia from your rolls. Three of these are legendaries, and four of them are of the rare variety. You can also evolve some of these characters as well. A new feature has also been added, which is the Team Assist Combo. When you activate this ability, your second slot teammate will appear on the map and perform their first slot move. This will work with every single character, which makes how you compose your team a lot more important!

If you’re looking to get yourself some gems and gold, be sure to check out our Anime Mania codes page!

You can find all of the brand new additions to the game in the official patch notes below.

Bleach Update Patch Notes

Added new Legendary, “Nil”
Added new, rare “Shinjo”
Added new Legendary, “Zarrk”
Added new legendary, “Tamamoto”
Added new rare, “Visorded Echigo’
Added new rare, “Lad Unhinged”
Added new rare, “Chilling Tukia”
New fodder characters!
6 new stages + Reaper Storyline!
New fodder characters

Echigo > Bantai Ichigo > Visorded Echigo
Lad > Lad Unhinged
Tukia > Chilling Tukia

Minato bug fixes + BUFF
kenpachi roadrage rework
Dio has IFrame barrage now!
Kisuke Buffed
fixed placement for mobile dash button
Made Sand Raid and Chunin Exams more difficult
Fodder Characters give 5 EXP instead of 2.5
Fixed #banner channel from spamming
Fixed Coolneraff m1s breaking

Team Assist Combo: When activated your 2nd slot teammate will appear and preform their first slot move. Works on EVERY character. – Press Z(PC), ButtonB(XBOX), UI Button(Mobile)


15% decrease on all Gem Products
Lowered cost of buying new slots to 50
Knockback re-added to all enemies.
You now spawn with 400 instead 2000 gems due to people using alts.

From the Anime Mania Discord

That’s everything you need to know about what’s going on with the Anime Mania update right now! If you want to play the game for yourself, be sure to check it out in Roblox.

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