Anime Mania Naruto Update now available!

Anime Mania has come out with a brand new update that brings characters from the Anime Naruto to the game!

Anime Mania has gotten another new update, and this time it brings more characters from the Naruto franchise. There’s four new mythicals, four legendaries, and four artifacts. You can also take your newly obtained characters into five new Naruto themed arenas. There’s a lot to enjoy in this update, so be sure to check it out!

If you want to try out what’s new in the game, be sure to check out Anime Mania on Roblox. If you’re looking for some free currency, we’ve got a list of freebies on our Anime Mania codes page!

Naruto Update Patch Notes

-3 new Mythical
-4 New Legendaries
-4 New Artifacts
-5 new Naruto Themed Arenas

“Wise Sage”
“Mudra[Six Sage]”
“Wise Slug”

Balance changes:


Universe Halt CD 20 -> 35
Barrage CD 12 -> 15

Life Giving Tree heal/damage halved

Joenie[Act 4]
Golden Triangle CD 15 -> 25
Wormhole Minigun shots 25 -> 15
Barrage DMG halved

Pink Son Monkey:
God Ripper DMG 50 > 45
God Slicer 80 > 60
CD 12 -> 16
Heavenly Pierce CD 8 -> 15
DMG 200 -> 160

Majority for Individual:
Quirk Steal: removed kubaku’s moves from move pool(i mean come on a mythical using rare moves its bad enough to make it use legendary moves)
Air Cannon CD 10 -> 8


SSJ Son Monkey:
kick barrage CD 0 -> 15(yak forgot to give it a cooldown)

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