Anno 1800 Announces The Season 4 DLC Pass

Anno 1800 has just announced the road map for this year's exciting new DLC. Check out what you can expect from the Season 4 pass.
Featured Anno 1800 Season 4 Pass

The very anticipated Season 4 Pass for Anno 1800 has finally been announced and is expected to roll out over the course of 2022. Just as teased, the three new DLCs for Anno 1800 focuses on your New World Region. This year’s Season Pass begins as soon as two weeks from now, and focuses on giving players vast new optimization ability, new islands to settle, and a new resident tier to attract. Not only that, but each Anno 1800 DLC to release this year also ships with a scenario; opportunities to further challenge yourself outside of the main game or the sandbox mode.

Anno 1800 Season 4 Pass

The first DLC for Anno 1800 is called Seeds of Change and is set to release April 12th, 2022. It focuses on boosting the quality of your New World through utilizing space-efficient residences, using island-wide policies through the Hacienda to produce higher quality, and allowing beer brewing directly in your New World. You can even export back into the Old World.

Following Seeds of Change will be Empire of The Skies. Coming in the summer, this DLC will allow you to build a variety of new specialized airships that allow you to further optimize your trade by transferring goods and workers between your islands in the air. The new mail system also allows you to keep your workers talking across islands.

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Your island’s defense will take on a whole new challenge with aerial combat. More details about Empire of the Skies is set to release later this year.

Season 4 will come to an end with the third and final DLC, New World Rising. Vibrant and colorful buildings mark the introduction of a new population tier, reflecting the cultural shift of your new islands. Build an iconic new monument to celebrate your people’s identity in the New World.

All three DLC will come with unique scenarios fit for the changes they make to the setting. Purchasing the season 4 pass also unlocks several unique buildings and monuments that you’ll get access to immediately.

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