Apex Legends reveals new Sun Squad collection event trailer

Apex Legends reveals nunchaku for Ash, the Heatwave LTM, and Sun Squad cosmetics!
Apex Legends Sun Squad Event Image
Image: Respawn / EA

Apex Legends has just revealed an all-new trailer for the upcoming “Sun Squad” collection event, which also introduces the new Heatwave LTM and nunchuks (nunchaku) for Ash’s heirloom. The new event is slated to roll out next week on March 28th, 2023. You can watch the full collection event trailer on the official Apex Legends YouTube channel here:

It’s just a little amusing how much Loba was blowing up the internet over a potential spring bikini, only for fans to be very disappointed.

But the new cosmetics are fairly creative overall, with colorful and tropical designs that are very playful. The devs even found a clever way to maintain Newcastle’s clunky build, and the bright contrast is genuinely funny for Maggie.

These days, cosmetic events burn fans a little less thanks to Mixtape, however broken some of it is. The variety of content was sorely needed, and the addition of Heatwave makes Sun Squad feel more like an event. Especially compared to the stuffy marketing ploys of old, though the prices haven’t become any more reasonable.

Ash’s nunchaku was a massive reveal, and it’s a perfect fit for the character’s theme. Much like Loba’s staff, the devs opted to give Ash an heirloom unrelated to the item they already carry. This may seem odd for some, but it does feel less redundant and more like a special addition.

The movement for Ash’s new nunchaku looks a little stiff, which is understandable for a weapon based on flowing techniques. But the effort is still there with a traditional pose and some creative animations.

Most of the details about Heatwave were already leaked in some way or another, but it’s nice to see some official gameplay for it. The sunglasses are a legitimate delight, and the indoor shelter mechanic is a smart way to translate heat effects. Alongside a brand-new studio for Apex Legends, the game’s future has never looked…brighter.

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Anthony Fertino

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