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Arsenal Halloween 2021 Update Log

Roblox Arsenal has released their Halloween 2021 update that brings a bunch of spooky stuff to the game!
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After Roblox was down for a few days, many games are starting to roll out their updates that were supposed to be for the spooky season. Arsenal is one of those games, and they have released the new Halloween 2021 update onto the platform! This release brings a ton of new characters, maps, weapons, melees, emotes, and a bunch of other exciting additions to Arsenal. This also includes the return of Hackula, who can be fought on rotation during the voting stage of the game. You can find all of the details of the update in the update log below!

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Arsenal Halloween 2021 Patch Notes

New Characters!

  • Toy Army
  • Pumpi
  • Pumpo
  • Hunting Hood
  • Goog
  • Invisible Man
  • Wraps
  • Blake
  • Rafael
  • Sayo
  • Guest
  • Bacon
  • Noodle
  • Noble Spirit
  • Alchemist
  • Ghastly Sheet
  • Nia
  • Prime Gentleman
  • Abandoned Recruit
  • Dread Commando
  • Truhthulu
  • Brawler Roughhouser
  • Lone Wanderer
  • Fun-Gus by cuponion
  • Gorgon by Dogutsune
  • Seagee by maztz
  • The Observer by Aifx
  • Skeletal Bandit
  • Jinn by Buildingsssss
  • Incandesa by phiphu123
  • Heister by GE5AFF
  • Barbarian by Aifx
  • Heathen
  • Diver

New Maps!

  • Assault Remake By TechnoTurbo
  • Hillside Remake By TechnoTurbo
  • Hallowside By TechnoTurbo
  • Tropical by Dr_Right2

5 New Weapons!

  • Blunderbuss
  • Gatling Gun
  • Arm Cannon
  • Explosive Barrel
  • SKS

New Melees!

  • Fish
  • Blade
  • Sabre
  • Rapier
  • Bataxe by bacteriaes
  • Khopesh by Shroomsher

New Emote!

  • Jitter by Buildingsssss

New Halloween Exclusive Unusuals!

  • Unusual Beats by Dr_Right2
  • Spellbound Green by JJ_2712
  • Spellbound Purple by JJ_2712
  • Spellbound Blue by JJ_2712
  • Abyssal Horns by JJ_2712
  • Ghoulish Horns by JJ_2712
  • Devilish Horns by JJ_2712
  • Overseer
  • Misterious Orange by MasonXono
  • Misterious Purple by MasonXono
  • Misterious Teal by MasonXono
  • Insanity by Ascorbine
  • Shooting Stars Orange by Ascorbine
  • Shooting Stars Purple by Ascorbine
  • Starry Fragment Blue by Ascorbine
  • Starry Fragment Green by Ascorbine
  • Starry Fragment Orange by Ascorbine
  • Starry Fragment Pink by Ascorbine
  • Hologram Void Purple by Ascorbine
  • Hologram Void Green by Ascorbine
  • Glitcher by Ascorbine
  • Energy Surge by Ascorbine
  • Short Circuit

New Kill Effects!

  • Pins by Buildingsssss
  • Paranormal by Buildingsssss

New Announcer!

  • Carnival Canie by RemingtonVA and TheSopWithCamel

New Weapon Skins!

  • Chainage by gamer24241
  • Fleshy by HappinessX
  • Flesh by WaffleDaystar


(NEW!) Custom Gamemode (BETA) [VIP]:

  • Access the custom gamemode menu by selecting Custom under Set Next Gametype in the VIP Menu.

Hackula [Live]:

  • Back into rotation for a limited time!
  • New Boss Fight Theme Song

Clown Infection [Live]:

  • Back into rotation for a limited time!

(NEW!) Oddball [Live]:

  • Hold on to the ball for as long as you can!

(NEW!) Hackula DX [VIP]:

  • A more difficult version of the Hackula Boss Fight
  • New Hackula Variant Reward by doing more than 1500 damage and defeating Hackula DX


Reworked Crafting!

  • Turn unwanted items into XP and level your items up to get rewards!
  • Gain B$ or x2 B$
  • Unusual Variants

(NEW!) Calling Cards:

  • Show off a Calling Card in your killcam when you eliminate an enemy!
  • You can acquire Calling Cards by leveling up or by code (will add different ways to acquire later)
  • Equip Calling Cards in your Career Page in the main menu (see below)
  • via Crafting, you can level up your cards to add a shine effect on your card (current effect are bronze, silver and gold sheens, more to come)

(NEW!) Career Page (BETA):

  • View Stats (ex. KDR, Headshot %, Wins, Win Rate)
  • Show off your favorite skin, emote, melee, weapon skin
  • Show off your equipped Calling Card
  • Search up other players and view their page (coming soon)

(NEW!) Server Browser (BETA):

  • View a list of servers to join!
  • 24/7 Gamemode servers (coming soon)

Misc Changes:

  • New Killcam UI
  • Level is now displayed in killcam
  • Engine Optimizations
  • Various new weapon sounds
  • MG42 Fire Rate Buffed

That’s everything from the new Halloween update that was released in Roblox Arsenal in 2021! You can find details on a whole lot of other games in the Roblox section of our website.

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