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Arsenal Winter 2021 Update Patch Notes

We're taking a look at the details on the new Roblox Arsenal Winter Update for 2021!
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Roblox Arsenal has released their Part 1 of their 2021 Winter Update for the year! There’s quite a few festive additions to the game, including an Advent Calendar, Crafting Menu Improvements, New Features, and various changes to maps. There were also some bug fixes that should smooth out any gameplay issues you might be having with the game. If you want to learn more about what’s going on in this update, be sure to check out the patch notes below.

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Arsenal Winter 2021 Part 1 Patch Notes

Seasonal Advent Calendar (December 1st – December 25th)

As in the Past Arsenals Winter update reintroduces the Advent Calendar, but this time there’s more to get a hold of!
Instead of the usual 12 days of Christmas players will be able to earn rewards from December 1st all the way to
December 25th

Collecting all the items on the calendar will let you redeem the “Bishop of Time” bundle which includes:

  • “Bishop of Time” Character
  • “Winds of Time” Calling Card
  • “Timely Demise” Kill Effect
  • “Swift End” Melee Weapon
  • “Time is Money” Weapon Skin

Crafting Menu Improvements

  • Hovering over milestones now tell you what reward is received when reached
  • When selecting items to use as XP, progress bars will visually show how much XP is earned as well as what level your item will become after confirming
  • Crafting button removed for Max Level items
  • Temporary XP and Bucks Multipliers now indicated in upper right of screen

New Features

  • No Texture / Smooth Plastic setting (Removes materials)
  • Team leader filter setting (Removes first person glow)
  • View-model visibility setting (Removes view-models)

Odd Ball changes

  • Vampirism added (Player loses health when holding ball to help prevent camping)
  • Fixed error where two users can have the ball
  • Fixed Bug that causes players weapons to break after 30 kills
  • Golden Knife and Golden Gun should no longer appear in rotation
  • Odd Ball will reset position if untouched for 20 seconds
  • More accurate ball notifications added
  • Reduced Score from 120 to 80
  • Reduced Round timer from 5 Minutes to 3 Minutes

Misc Changes / Bug Patches

  • Snow
  • Holiday Menu
  • Halloween Content Removed
  • Removed “ROLVe Station” Map from rotation
  • Removed “Kitchen Khaos” Map from rotation
  • Server Browser fail safes added (Will be monitored for more issues to fix)
  • 24/7 Comp server fixed to actually be 24/7 Comp (Will need live testing)
  • Removed strange trees under hillside

New menu themes to try

  • Festive Flanker
  • Dealer Hall Decker
  • Super Bee Sun & Shade


  • Added “Sand Town Classic” Map to VIP servers
  • Added “Cache” Map to rotation
  • Added “Dust II” Map to rotation
  • Added “Santas Workshop” Map to rotation

Added Winter Map Variants

  • Safe House (Ice House)
  • Height Frights (Frozen Frights)
  • Hill Side (Snow Side)
  • Street Corner (Cold Corner)

That’s everything from the new Christmas update that was released in Roblox Arsenal in 2021! You can find details on a whole lot of other games in the Roblox section of our website.

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