Astroneer releases graphic novel Astroneer: Countdown and music trailer

Astroneer, the classic sci-fi exploration game, has just released its first graphic novel and tie-in music!
Astroneer Countdown Image
Image: System Era Softworks

Astroneer, the science-themed exploration adventure game from developer and publisher System Era Softworks, has officially released its first graphic novel. Published by Titan Comics, the graphic novel will feature three different stories and a code for in-game cosmetics. Here’s the big announcement from the official Astroneer Twitter feed:

Astroneer is one of the best cooperative games ever made. It’s also fueled by a distinct understanding and love of science. Because everything feels so grounded, each activity feels more tangible. Simple mechanics like oxygen lines play brilliantly.

Also, players are encouraged to learn and explore because they are limited by resources. You’ll need to discover elements, build bases, terraform the landscape, and survive many dangerous treks to the center of a planet. There are few things as exhilarating as your first launch in Astroneer.

But despite all of the adventure and, well, atmosphere, the central storytelling is shrouded in alien mystery. It’s one of the most successful nods to 2001: A Space Odyssey. As a result, Astroneer is equally thin on plot. It will definitely be a thrill to uncover any more backstory in Astroneer’s world, which is unexpectedly detailed, profound, and just plain fun.

The music plays a large part in the mood of the game. Fortunately, a new music video will bridge the gap between the game and its new graphic novel. Astroneer released a new “Have We Met” music video on their official YouTube channel:

Additionally, Astroneer has continued to renew interest in fans by adding terrific updates. The Awakening Update is one of the biggest surprises in years, and actually includes far more story than the core game. Although Astroneer first launched in 2016, the new update was just released a couple of months ago:

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