Battlefield 2042 reveals upcoming Season 4: Leviathan Rising Event

Battlefield 2042 is set to launch the new tight 8v8 special in-game event, Leviathan Rising Event, on April 11th.
Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Leviathan Rising Event
Image: Battlefield 2042

EA‘s Battlefield 2042 is introducing Season 4’s Leviathan Rising Event – a new tight 8v8 mode where class play is imperative. This new special in-game event will go live on April 11, at 12:00 UTC and will run until April 25, at 12:00 UTC.

Battlefield 2042‘s Leviathan Rising Event welcomes players to the Shutdown, where squads must work as one unit and operate with confidence to dominate their enemy in two rounds and claim victory. There will be two mode objectives in Leviathan Rising Event, which includes Attack, Plant & Protect and Defend, Locate & Disable. 

Attack, Plant & Protect is a new mode objective in Shutdown that tasks players of infiltrating enemy objectives and planting the Lances. Defend, Locate & Disable objective requires players to locate and eliminate Lance Carriers, prevent their dropped Lances from being picked up, and defuse any that are planted.

Shutdown also features new mechanics providing players a variety of new ways to experience Battlefield, which are as follows:

  • Play the Objective – The Lance: The ESA-500 Lance is a portable microwave device that fries data drives in a limited radius. Attackers can plant it where they choose inside predefined objective areas populated with crates full of said data drives, scoring points as long as the Lance stays alive, and culminating in a shutdown. Defenders on the other hand, can disable it with a short timed interaction. Playing it smart, and outwitting your enemy is key to Shutdown. Plant the Lance in the open and bait your enemy, hide it in a corner, protect it with your gadgets and throwables, or find an approach of your own, the choice is yours.
  • Shut it down: When a planted Lance scores enough points in an objective, it results in a shutdown of the objective and fully removes it from the map. Expect pure chaos as you start clearing more objectives and are forced closer and closer together with the enemy team.
  • Secure Victory: You’ll play a round as both Attacker, and Defender. When the first round ends, you will switch sides and redeploy. You’ll secure victory by scoring the most points as the Attacking side while you battle it out within these fast-paced matches.

Battlefield 2042 has also revealed the rewards that players can earn during the new Season 4 event as well as a few general tips to dominate the Shutdown in the upcoming Leviathan Rising Event, which you can read about on the Battlefield page of the EA website.

Shemiah Ruina

Shemiah Ruina

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