Battlefield 2042 update 4.2.0 brings several changes to Discarded, QoL improvements, and more

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.2.0 is set to go live next week and includes a variety of changes to the Discarded map as well as several QoL enhancements.
Battlefield 2042 Update 4 2 0 Patch Notes
Image: Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has just revealed the content of the next update, 4.2.0, which is set to roll out next week. Update 4.2.0 offers a variety of changes and improvements, including some rework to Discarded, as well as several Quality of Life improvements.

One of the focuses of Update 4.2.0 is to make the infantry gameplay more enjoyable and accessible. As such, several improvements to the areas of the Discarded map have been made. The open field in the map’s northwest has been transformed into the Salvage Yard, filled with wrecked cars that not only suit the theme of Discarded but also provide several cover options for soldiers to outmaneuver the roaming heavy vehicles. The destructible houses on the flag’s periphery may be used as vantage points at the expense of being buried in their rubble.

The Antenna has also been moved closer to the Flooded Village based in the northern region of the map. This new location now provides an improved link between the north area of the map (the green area) with the south (the beach). Players can now also climb up the Antenna, and parachute or Wingsuit from here down to the Colossus or to the Village.

The front lines of the Dismantled Hull have now been strengthened through the destroyed convoy and rows of military cover. If any snipers are waiting on the higher floors of the Hull, the smoke from the convoy should keep approaching players concealed. The core of the flag was also fortified with military cover, making it easier for infantry to advance into the area. Finally, the side of the hull facing the Colossus has been blocked off to reduce the amount of sniping that occurs from the deck of the ship onto this flag.

Some of the significant Quality of Life improvements that update 4.2.0 introduces to Battlefield 2042 are as follows:

Collection & Customization Improvements

  • Implemented the ability to remove attachments from weapons within the Customization Screen.
  • Increased legibility of the Plus Menu in-game by only displaying the attachment category that is being changed.
  • Improved how attachments are moved and swapped out in the Customization Menu.
  • Increased the clarity of descriptive information on how suppressors function within the Collection Screen.
  • Fixed layout in the Customization screen so that info is displayed in the same place.
  • Reduced the number of steps necessary to get into changing attachments.

End of Round Improvements

  • Introduced a new Squad Performance screen statistic called “Personal Best”. 
  • During the End of Round flow, it is now possible to skip to the main menu without leaving automatic matchmaking.
  • Updated Ribbon progression, increasing legibility of what rank was earned.
  • Improved art & animations across all of End of Round.
  • Round-based Game Modes will now have side switching enabled, and will now have increased visual communication to indicate what happens after the end of match timer ticks down.

Specialist Mastery Improvements

Updated Lis’ Mastery requirement to better fit her intended playstyle:

  • Old: 10 Kills when destroying Vehicles with the G-84 TGM to
  • New: 10 Kills and Assists when destroying Vehicles with the G-84 TGM

You can find the rest of the Update 4.2.0 patch notes on the Battlefield 2042 page of the official Electronic Arts website. 

Shemiah Ruina

Shemiah Ruina

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