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Berry Avenue Picture Codes & Decals (January 2023) – Aesthetic, Christmas & More!

We've got a list of Roblox Berry Avenue Picture and Decal Codes that will allow you to customize your home and upgrade your roleplay to the next level!
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Roblox Berry Avenue is a roleplaying game developed by Amberry Games for the platform. In this game, you will be hanging out around town, living day-to-day live in your home, and spending time with the players you meet. You can take a job as a police officer, go to High School as a student, and even work at the grocery store. If you want to customize your experience a bit more, you can add some flare to your home by using custom picture decal codes to make it your own!

If you want to decorate your home further, head over to our Berry Avenue Rug Codes page!

Berry Avenue Picture Codes

Keep in mind that it is possible that some of the designs end up removed from Roblox due to copyright issues or the user removing it from the platform. We have no control on whether or not this will happen, so let us know if one of the codes is no longer functioning and we will remove it!

Aesthetic Picture Codes

Baby Picture Codes

Blue Picture Codes

Christmas Picture Codes

Pink Picture Codes

How to Use Berry Avenue Picture Codes

To use codes in Berry Avenue, you first need to own a house. Once you have one, enter inside of it and locate the item you would like to customize. Click or tap on it and a text field you can enter in a number will appear along with a “Done” button. Enter in one of the codes from our list into it and hit the “Done” button to customize the item. As long as you entered in a working code, it should change to your desired design!

Berry Avenue Decal Id Example Image

Those are all of the Berry Avenue Picture Codes we have available for you right now. You can find a lot more great guides and codes in the Roblox section of our website.

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