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We're taking a look at all of the best Music Bots that you can feature in your Discord server!
Featured Best Discord Music Bots

Discord is a vast platform that allows you to create communities, message people, and keep in touch with your friends. You can use it to chat with people with text messaging, voice, and even video calls. It is a very versatile piece of software that can be used on your mobile device or computer. One thing people love to do is listen and share music with each other, which can be done in a variety of different ways. Discord has bots that you can use to play music through the platform via the voice channels. If you want to use one of these bots, we’ve curated a list of the best available options that are currently working right now!

Discord Music bots are a touchy subject due to copyright laws, and in recent times the incredibly popular Groovy and Rythm Music Bots were shut down due to receiving legal notices. Be wary if you are going to purchase premium services with these bots, because it is possible that they can be shut down if they are doing similar things to the banned bots.

Best Discord Music Bots List

We’ve tried a bunch of different Music Bots for Discord, and this list contains the best ones from that process. A lot of these do the same thing, so you can’t go wrong with the majority of the ones on the list. Certain bots are more specialized and play specific genres, which should only be used if you are a fan of that music type!

StormBeatz Music Bot

StormBeatz is an upcoming music bot for Discord that features a lot of nice options that will allow you to listen to music quickly and easily. There’s a variety of music platforms you can play your music through, including YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud. There’s some pretty interesting sound effects that you can apply, and there’s many different commands to use.

There is a Premium option available, but it isn’t required to get a very functional music bot for Discord.

  • ;8d – Rotates the audio for a seemingly 8D effect.
  • ;aliases – View a command’s aliases.
  • ;baby – Gives a baby sound effect.
  • ;back – Go back to the previous track or by a specified amount.
  • ;bassboost – Applies a bass boost.
  • ;botinfo – View information on StormBeatz.
  • ;checkvote – Check if you have voted for StormBeatz on
  • ;cleaninactive – Remove all tracks queued by users who have left the VC.
  • ;clear – Clears the entire queue.
  • ;currentvolume – View the current volume of the player.
  • ;deep – Makes the audio/voice deeper.
  • ;demon – Applies a demon sounding sound effect.
  • ;devil – Applies a devil sounding effect! Use at your own risk…
  • ;disconnect – Disconnects the bot from the voice channel.
  • ;distortion – Applies a robotic sound effect.
  • ;drunk – Applies a filter that sounds like someone drunk is singing.
  • ;echo – Gives the audio an echo effect.
  • ;electronic – Applies an electronic effect.
  • ;fix – Use this command to fix your player, such as lag, the music not playing, taking a long time to load, random pauses, etc.
  • ;forceskip – Forcefully skip the current track, without a vote.
  • ;forward – Forwards to a specific position/timestamp in the audio.
  • ;helicopter – Applies a sound effect that sounds like a helicopter fan.
  • ;helium – Gives the audio a very goofy helium type of feel!
  • ;help – Get help on the commands, or a specific command.
  • ;invite – Invite links for the bot and support server.
  • ;join – Joins the voice channel you’re in.
  • ;lastfm – Manage integration. Track your StormBeatz music activity!
  • ;leftear – Applies a filter that moves all audio to the left side.
  • ;loop – Either turn off the loop, enable the loop for the track, or for the whole queue.
  • ;lyrics – Get the lyrics of a specified or current song.
  • ;mix – Allows mixing of up to 3 sound effects. Requires Premium.
  • ;move – Move a track to another position of the queue.
  • ;nightcore – Applies a nightcore sound effect; sort of like a high pitch.
  • ;nowplaying – View the currently playing track.
  • ;pause – Pauses the music.
  • ;personalstats – View your personal statistics. (top songs, top artists, and more!)
  • ;ping – Check the bot and API latency.
  • ;pitch – Applies a high pitch effect.
  • ;play – Adds a track to the queue.
  • ;playlist – Manage your playlists. (Requires Premium)
  • ;playskip – Clears the entire queue and plays the specified track.
  • ;playtop – Adds a track to the top of the queue.
  • ;pop – Applies a pop sound effect; sounds like you’re in a studio live.
  • ;punch – Sounds/feels like you’re being punched on both ears.
  • ;queue – Lists the tracks currently queued.
  • ;rejoin – Rejoin the voice channel without deleting the queue.
  • ;remove – Removes the track in the specified position from the queue.
  • ;removedupes – Remove duplicate tracks from the queue.
  • ;removerange – Remove tracks from a position to another.
  • ;request – Sends a request to add a track to the queue.
  • ;replay – Replays the current track.
  • ;reseteffects – Reset any current audio sound effects.
  • ;resume – Resumes the player if paused.
  • ;rewind – Rewinds to a specific position/timestamp in the audio.
  • ;rightear – Applies a filter that moves all audio to the right side.
  • ;rock – Gives a rock audio effect.
  • ;search – Search tracks on YouTube. You can choose from the top 10 results.
  • ;seek – Seek to a specific position/timestamp in the audio.
  • ;serverplaylist – List, load, create, delete, or edit server playlists.
  • ;settings – Configure the bot’s settings for your server.
  • ;shake – Makes the music shake.
  • ;shuffle – Shuffle the entire queue randomly.
  • ;skip – Holds a vote to skip the currently playing track.
  • ;skipto – Skips to the specified position in the queue.
  • ;soundboard – List, play, create, or delete a saved sound.
  • ;speak – Make the bot speak in a voice channel.
  • ;speed – Adjust the speed of the audio with preset values or a custom value between 0.1 to 4.0.
  • ;static – Gives the music that static type vibe.
  • ;stats – View the bot’s current statistics.
  • ;trackinfo – View information on the song in the specified queue position.
  • ;treblebass – Applies a treble sound effect; a more rough bass boost.
  • ;topartists – View your top artists.
  • ;topsongs – View your top songs.
  • ;underwater – Applies an underwater sound effect.
  • ;uptime – Check the bot’s uptime
  • ;vaporware – Applies a vaporwave sound effect.
  • ;version – Lists the bot’s current version and its main dependencies.
  • ;volume – Adjust the volume of the music.

You can add the Storm Beatz Discord bot to your server by heading to the StormBeatz website!

FredBoat Music Bot

FredBoat is another quality option to add to your Discord server if you are looking for easy to use music for your and your members. The bot supports YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, direct links, and Twitch. It can also use playlists and play livestreams.

  • /destroy – Reset the player and clear the playlist.
  • /export – Export the current queue to Wastebin.
  • /forward – Forward the track by the given amount of time.
  • /history – Show history of recently played tracks.
  • /join – Make FredBoat join your current voice channel.
  • /leave – Make FredBoat leave the current voice channel.
  • /list – Display a list of the current songs in the queue.
  • /queue – Display the queue of the current tracks in the playlist.
  • /nowplaying – Display the currently playing track.
  • /pause on – Pause the player
  • /pause off – Resume the player
  • /play [url] – Play music from the given URL.
  • /play [Search Term] – Search for a track on YouTube and SoundCloud.
  • /repeat all – Repeat all tracks.
  • /repeat single– Repeat the same track.
  • /repeat off – Play the queue normally.
  • /reposition – Change the position of a track in the queue.
  • /reshuffle – Reshuffle the queue
  • /restart – Restart the currently playing track.
  • /rewind – Rewind the track by the given amount of time.
  • /seek – Set the position of the track to the given time.
  • /shuffle on – Activate shuffle mode.
  • /shuffle off – Deactivate shuffle mode.
  • /skip first – Skip one or more tracks in the beginning of the queue.
  • /skip number – Skip a track at a specific position in the queue.
  • /skip user – Skip tracks added by a user.
  • /skip range – Skip a range of tracks in the queue.
  • /stop – Stop the player and clear the playlist. Reserved for moderators.
  • /voteskip vote – Vote to skip the current track. Skips after a simple majority is reached.
  • /voteskip undo – Remove your vote to skip the current track.
  • /voteskip list – Lists the users voting to skip the track.

To learn more about the bot and to see all of the commands, you can head to the FredBoat website.

Chip Music Bot

Chip is a great Discord Music Bot because it is very simple to use and if you are new to these bots, you can easily add it and start using it right away. You have a lot of basic commands, and a great search that can find music from Spotify. Due to the removal of things like Groovy and Rythm, they have removed the ability to use YouTube links via the bot. This is a good thing, because it means that this bot will likely stick around and not be taken down.

Chip does have a premium service, which will allow you to adjust things like the volume, bass boost, speed, pitch, and various other nice to have advanced features.

Here’s a list of some of the basic commands you can use with Chip. If you want to see them in Discord, be sure to use /help to show them all.

  • /247 enable – Enables 24/7 mode
  • /8d (number) – sets the rotation speed to your number in Hz
  • /autoplay enables – enables autoplay
  • /bassboost (number) – Sets the bassboost percentage based on your number
  • /clear queue – Removes all tracks from the queue
  • /clear filters – Disables all filters on the player
  • /config view – View current config settings
  • /config dj add (role) – Add a role to the list of DJ roles
  • /config dj remove (role) – Remove a role from the list of DJ roles
  • /config 247 (enable/disable) – Enable or disable 24/7 mode by default
  • /config autoplay (enable/disable) – Enable or disable autoplay by default
  • /config volume (percentage) – Set a default volume percentage for Chip
  • /debug – check issues
  • /demon enable – Enables demon mode
  • /forceskip – Skips to the next track in queue
  • /forceskip (number) – Skips to the numbered track in queue
  • /help – see all commands
  • /invite – invite to server
  • /loop disable – Disables looping
  • /loop current – Only loop the current track
  • /loop all – Loop the entire queue
  • /lyrics – Leave empty to show lyrics for the currently playing track
  • /lyrics song name – Show lyrics for the song ‘what is love’
  • /move (track number) (number in queue) – Moves track #10 in queue to #5
  • /nightcore enable – Enables nightcore mode
  • /pause – pauses song
  • /ping – check your ping
  • /pitch (number) – Sets the pitch to a percentage reflecting the number you put
  • /play (song name) – Searches for the song named and plays the first found track
  • /play (Spotify track URL) – Plays this Spotify track
  • /play (Spotify album/playlist/artist page URL) – Queues and plays this entire Spotify
  • /previous – Play previous track
  • /queue list – Displays the current queue
  • /queue export – Exports the current queue into a .txt file
  • /remove (track number) – Removes the track number specified from the queue
  • /remove (number to start) (number to end) – Removes all tracks from the first number to the second number
  • /replay – Replays song
  • /resume – Resumes paused song
  • /search (song name – Searches for a song name, and allows you to pick the right track by using the dropdown
  • /seek (xm xxs) – Seeks to the minute and seconds written over x’s
  • /seek (xx:xx) – Seeks to the time listed
  • /shuffle – Shuffles playlist
  • /skip – Skips current song
  • /speed (number) – Changes the playback speed to a percentage based on the number you wrote
  • /stop – Stops music
  • /support – Get support for an issue
  • /trebleboost (number) – Changes the trebleboost percentage based on your number
  • /tremolo (first number) (second number) – Changes the depth of frequency (second number) to a percentage based on the first number
  • /upload file – Upload your own audio file to play
  • /upload queue – import .txt file you previously exported
  • /vibrato (first number) (second number) – Changes the depth of band (second number) to a percentage based on the first number
  • /vocalboost (number) – Changes the vocalboost percentage based on your number
  • /volume (number) – Changes the volume percentage based on your number

You can add the Chip Bot to your Discord server by heading to!

Lofi Radio Music Bot

If you’re a fan of Lofi music then the Lofi Radio Music Bot is a great option for you. You can add it to your server, jump into a voice channel, use the /play command and allow it to get you into that Lofi vibe. Join up with some friends so that you can all chill with the same music that is playing. You can also set a sleep timer with the bot, so that you can listen while you are heading to dreamland and have it automatically shut off.

This is a fairly simple bot, and has a variety of commands that you can use to customize your experience:

  • /play – Joins your voice channel and starts playing 24/7.
  • /stop – Leaves the voice channel.
  • /song – Shows the current playing song.
  • /volume – Check or change the current volume.
  • /sleep – Sets a sleep timer.
  • /profile – Shows your profile.
  • /mode – Switches between radio modes.
  • /djroles – Sets which roles and members are considered DJs.
  • /premium – Shows information about Lofi Radio premium.
  • /lofi – Turns on Lofi music in voice channels
  • /leaderboard: Shows the highest-ranking members.
  • /collection: Shows your liked songs collection.
  • /settings: Shows and configures server settings.
  • /mode: Switches between radio modes.
  • /premium: Shows information about Lofi Radio premium.
  • /support: Join our support server.
  • /vote: Vote for Lofi Radio.
  • /invite: Invite Lofi Radio to your server.

You can add the Lofi Radio Bot to your Discord server by heading to!

How to Use a Discord Music Bot

Adding a Music Bot to your Discord server is a pretty simple process. Head to any of the bot links provided in this post and then look for the invite button. When you click on that you will be prompted by Discord on whether or not you are sure you want the bot to have access to various permissions on your account or server. Once you’ve verified that you are happy with the parameters, you will need to select the server you want to bot to join in the drop down under “Add to Server”.

How To Add A Music Bot To Discord

Once you’ve selected the right server, just hit the Continue button and it should join to the server that you selected. You will then most commonly need to join a Voice Channel, and then use the commands provided by the bot to use it!

Those are all of the best currently working Discord Music Bots that you can use right now. Check out the Discord section of our website for more useful information about the messaging software!

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  1. musicman

    Some of these are definitely not working. FredBoat and Hydra are the reason i’m looking for a working boat lol

    1. Jorge A. Aguilar

      Thanks for pointing this out! We updated this list to show how things are today. Some of these were removed because Google sent out a Cease and Desist order back in January. I updated FredBoat to all of its new commands, but unfortunately Hydra removed music due to the order from Google.