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Best Discord Music Bots (March 2023) – All Working & Free!

We're taking a look at all of the best Music Bots that you can feature in your Discord server!
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Discord is a vast platform that allows you to create communities, message people, and keep in touch with your friends. You can use it to chat with people with text messaging, voice, and even video calls. It is a very versatile piece of software that can be used on your mobile device or computer. One thing people love to do is listen and share music with each other, which can be done in a variety of different ways. Discord has bots that you can use to play music through the platform via the voice channels. If you want to use one of these bots, we’ve curated a list of the best available options that are currently working right now!

Discord Music bots are a touchy subject due to copyright laws, and in recent times the incredibly popular Groovy and Rythm Music Bots were shut down due to receiving legal notices. Be wary if you are going to purchase premium services with these bots, because it is possible that they can be shut down if they are doing similar things to the banned bots.

Best Discord Music Bots List

We’ve tried a bunch of different Music Bots for Discord, and this list contains the best ones from that process. A lot of these do the same thing, so you can’t go wrong with the majority of the ones on the list. Certain bots are more specialized and play specific genres, which should only be used if you are a fan of that music type!

StormBeatz Music Bot

StormBeatz is an upcoming music bot for Discord that features a lot of nice options that will allow you to listen to music quickly and easily. There’s a variety of music platforms you can play your music through, including YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud. There’s some pretty interesting sound effects that you can apply, and there’s many different commands to use.

There is a Premium option available, but it isn’t required to get a very functional music bot for Discord.

  • ;currentvolume – View the current volume of the player.
  • ;join – Joins the voice channel you’re in.
  • ;lyrics – Get the lyrics of a specified or current song.
  • ;nowplaying – View the currently playing track.
  • ;play – Adds a track to the queue.
  • ;queue – Lists the tracks currently queued.
  • ;request – Sends a request to add a track to the queue.
  • ;scsearch – Search tracks on SoundCloud. You can choose from the top 10 results.
  • ;search – Search tracks on YouTube. You can choose from the top 10 results.
  • ;skip – Holds a vote to skip the currently playing track.
  • ;soundcloud – Adds a SoundCloud track to the queue.
  • ;trackinfo – View information on the song in the specified queue position.

You can add the Storm Beatz Discord bot to your server by heading to the StormBeatz website!

FredBoat Music Bot

FredBoat is another quality option to add to your Discord server if you are looking for easy to use music for your and your members. The bot supports YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, direct links, and Twitch. It can also use playlists and play livestreams.

  • ;;play [url] – Play music from the given URL.
  • ;;play [Search Term] – Search for a track on YouTube and SoundCloud.
  • ;;queue – Display the queue of the current tracks in the playlist.
  • ;;nowplaying – Display the currently playing track.
  • ;;skip – Remove the currently playing track from the queue.
  • ;;voteskip – Vote to skip the current track. Must have at least 50% of the votes.
  • ;;stop – Stop the player and clear the playlist. Reserved for moderators.
  • ;;pause – Pause the player
  • ;;resume – Resume the player.
  • ;;join – Make FredBoat join your current voice channel.
  • ;;leave – Make FredBoat leave the current voice channel.
  • ;;repeat – Change the repeat mode. Run this command for more info.
  • ;;shuffle – Toggle shuffle mode.

To learn more about the bot and to see all of the commands, you can head to the FredBoat website.

Chip Music Bot

Chip is a great Discord Music Bot because it is very simple to use and if you are new to these bots, you can easily add it and start using it right away. You have a lot of basic commands, and a great search that can find music from Spotify. Due to the removal of things like Groovy and Rythm, they have removed the ability to use YouTube links via the bot. This is a good thing, because it means that this bot will likely stick around and not be taken down.

Chip does have a premium service, which will allow you to adjust things like the volume, bass boost, speed, pitch, and various other nice to have advanced features.

Here’s a list of some of the basic commands you can use with Chip. If you want to see them in Discord, be sure to use ch!help to show them all.

  • ch!clear – Clear every track from the queue.
  • ch!forceskip – Forcefully skip tracks that you don’t like!
  • ch!forward – Forward a specific amount of time into the track (Does not work for livestreams!)
  • ch!loop – Change the loop settings on Chip, from looping one track to your entire queue.
  • ch!lyrics – Shows the lyrics of a track.
  • ch!pause – Pause the current playing track (Only works if the track isn’t paused already!).
  • ch!play – Add a link to Spotify or Soundcloud. Alternatively, you can just put in keywords to hopefully get the song you are looking to get. There’s a ton of music, so you might not always get the right song.
  • ch!queue – Display the current queue.
  • ch!replay – Replay the current track (Does not work for livestreams!).
  • ch!rewind – Rewind a specific amount of time back into the track (Does not work for livestreams!).
  • ch!search – Searches for a track and lets you choose which track to queue.
  • ch!seek – Seek to a specific time in the current track (Does not work for livestreams!).
  • ch!skip – Skip a track.
  • ch!skipto – Skip to a specific track in queue
  • ch!stop – Stop the current player (Will make Chip clear the queue and leave the channel!).

You can add the Chip Bot to your Discord server by heading to!

Hydra Music Bot

Hydra is a fully featured Discord Music Bot that can have you playing music with just a simple click of a couple links. Once you’ve got the bot in your Discord server of choice, you can use a variety of commands that will allow you to add songs to a queue and setup a list of songs for you and the other people on your server. Like most of these bots, you can set a DJ role in Discord that will allow you to give certain people in your server the ability to use the bot.

Here’s a list of some of the basic commands you can use in Hydra:

  • .help – Shows the help menu.
  • .lyrics – Shows lyrics for the currently playing song.
  • .lyrics (song title) – Shows lyrics for the provided song.
  • .ping – Shows the latency of the bot.
  • .ping ws – Shows the websocket latency of the bot.
  • .ping rest – Shows the rest latency of the bot.
  • .play (song name/url) – Plays a song.
  • .play file – Plays the file attached to the message.
  • .playlist – Play your saved default playlist.
  • .playlist list – List your saved playlists.
  • .playlist show (playlist name) – Show the songs within the provided playlist.
  • .playlist song save (url) (playlist name) – Save a song to your default or provided playlist
  • .playlist song delete (songId) (playlist name) – Delete a song from your default or provided playlist
  • .queue – Shows the song list queue.
  • .queue (page number) – Show a specific page of the queue.
  • .search (song name) – Searches and lets you choose a song.
  • .songinfo – Shows details of the song currently being played.
  • .songinfo (song number) – Shows the detail of a specific song in the queue.
  • .voteskip – Lets you vote for skipping the current track.

You can add the Hydra Bot to your Discord server by heading to!

Lofi Radio Music Bot

If you’re a fan of Lofi music then the Lofi Radio Music Bot is a great option for you. You can add it to your server, jump into a voice channel, use the /play command and allow it to get you into that Lofi vibe. Join up with some friends so that you can all chill with the same music that is playing. You can also set a sleep timer with the bot, so that you can listen while you are heading to dreamland and have it automatically shut off.

This is a fairly simple bot, and has a variety of commands that you can use to customize your experience:

  • /play – Joins your voice channel and starts playing 24/7.
  • /stop – Leaves the voice channel.
  • /song – Shows the current playing song.
  • /volume – Check or change the current volume.
  • /station – Switches between radio themes.
  • /sleep – Sets a sleep timer.
  • /profile – Shows your profile.
  • /mode – Switches between radio modes.
  • /djrole – Changes which role is considered DJ.
  • /prefix – Changes the prefix used to address Lofi Radio.
  • /premium – Shows information about Lofi Radio premium.

You can add the Lofi Radio Bot to your Discord server by heading to!

Aqua Music Bot

A pretty simple Music Bot that will give you access to quite a few sought after features as long as you vote for them. One of these is the 24/7 command, so the bot won’t leave the voice channel when music isn’t being played. Autoplay is another of these commands that you will be able to use as long as you vote for the bot on

Here’s a list of some of the commands you can use with Aqua Music Bot:

  • /247 – Enables 24/7 mode and stays in voice chat even after the song ends
  • /autoplay – Toggles whether or not the bot will continue to play related songs after the queue has run out
  • /clear – Clears the queue
  • /fix – Fixes the voice channel
  • /forward – Fast-forwards by 10 seconds, or you can enter in the amount of time you want it to skip ahead
  • /loop – Change the loop settings of the player
  • /play – Plays music that you enter as a query
  • /lyrics – Displays the lyrics of the current track
  • /pause – Pauses the current track
  • /resume – Resumes the currently paused track

You can add the Aqua Music Bot to your Discord server by heading to the page for it!

Mee6 Bot

If you are looking for a bot that pretty much does everything you could just about want on Discord then you might want to go with Mee6. This is not just a music bot, it has a ton of different features that you can use. It can be used to moderate users that enter into your server, you can add reaction roles, custom commands, and people in your chat can be given levels based on the amount they participate on your server. What’s nice about Mee6 is that you can edit a lot of the capabilities from the mee6 website. This is as easy as checking and unchecking the features you want to use!

I will say that the music portion of Mee6 is a bit more temperamental than bots that are exclusively for music. If you don’t plan on using the other features that this bot provides, you might want to stick with a music only option.

Here’s a list of some of the music commands available to you with Mee6:

  • /add – Add a song to the queue
  • /clear-queue – Remove every song from the queue
  • /join – Make the bot join your voice channel
  • /leave – Make the bot leave your voice channel
  • /np – Display the current playing track
  • /pause – Pause the current playing song
  • /play – Start playing from the queue
  • /previous – Play the previous track
  • /queue – List the songs in the queue
  • /replay – Replay the current track
  • /resume – Resume playing the current song
  • /search – Search for a song
  • /seek – Change the current track’s position
  • /skip – Skip to the next song
  • /stop – Stop the current song
  • /vote-skip – Starts a vote to skip to the next song

You can add the Mee6 Bot to your Discord server by going to!

How to Use a Discord Music Bot

Adding a Music Bot to your Discord server is a pretty simple process. Head to any of the bot links provided in this post and then look for the invite button. When you click on that you will be prompted by Discord on whether or not you are sure you want the bot to have access to various permissions on your account or server. Once you’ve verified that you are happy with the parameters, you will need to select the server you want to bot to join in the drop down under “Add to Server”.

How To Add A Music Bot To Discord Image

Once you’ve selected the right server, just hit the Continue button and it should join to the server that you selected. You will then most commonly need to join a Voice Channel, and then use the commands provided by the bot to use it!

Those are all of the best currently working Discord Music Bots that you can use right now. Check out the Discord section of our website for more useful information about the messaging software!

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