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10 Best League of Legends Art

League of Legends has a fantastic history of great art. In this roundup, we try to compile 10 of the best pieces of League artwork for players to enjoy.
Pantheon Splash Image
Image: Riot Games

League of Legends has a history of releasing some stunning artwork, especially when it comes to champion splashes and teasers. With Aurelion Sol’s rework freshly released, the amazing artwork made for this champion is front and center on the game’s client, reminding everyone of just how great League art can be.

Whether you’re an old fan looking to remind yourself of League’s years of art excellence or a new player with an eye for artwork, here’s some of the best art League of Legends has produced over the years.

10. The Thousand-Pierced Bear

Thousand Pierced Bear Image
Image: Riot Games

One of Volibear’s most popular skins after his rework, this skin portrays Voli as described in one of Udyr’s short stories, where he is is conjured by a follower with a more grim understanding of their god’s existence.

The Thousand-Pierced Bear splash is beautiful, with a great combination of purples and blacks and a super macabre design. What’s better is that this skin was given for free to players who owned Volibear before his rework, meaning any didn’t even have to pay for it.

9. Warwick

Warwick Image
Image: Riot Games

Warwick is one of the best success stories when it comes to champion reworks, not only for the gameplay improvements but for the fantastic spread of artwork he got. Really, any of Warwick’s skins could be put on this list, but I’m partial to his original.

This piece of artwork shows Warwick finishing up with a Zaun punk, and showcases the full mad-science-monster deal going on. We should be seeing this terrifying design in Arcane season 2.

8. Yone

Yone Image
Image: Riot Games

Yasuo’s brother, slain and returned from the dead, features one of the best splash arts in the game in my opinion. The composition of this piece is amazing, and the grim color palette really makes you feel for the tragedy of Yone’s character.

This is one of the rare instances where League’s art team delves into a more horror-like art style, with a better example being our next pick.

7. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks Image
Image: Riot Games

Fiddlesticks proved that League can do horror, and do it well.

This terrifying champion is captured in all of his horrific glory in this artwork, which fittingly serves as the first introduction to the character for many players.

6. Pyke

Pyke Image
Image: Riot Games

Staying on the theme of horror-centric art shows just how well Riot can do with the spooky medium.

Pyke’s splash art is cool to begin with, but as you look at it longer you begin to pick up on some horrifying details. You quickly pick up on the fact that this little meeting with the Blood-Harbor Ripper is happening at the bottom of the ocean, and that some of those shapes in the background are actually staring back at you.

5. Captain Gangplank

Captain Gangplank Image
Image: Riot Games

Gangplank’s rework is one of the oldest in the game, but that doesn’t stop him from having one of the best pieces of artwork in League’s history.

The Captain Gangplank skin portrays Gangplank prior to the events of Burning Tides, when Miss Fortune supplants him as Queen of Bilgewater. In this artwork, we see Gangplank from the point of view of one of his prisoners, which makes the razor-sharp, smoldering cutlass in his hand all the more intimidating.

4. Kassadin

Kassadin Image
Image: Riot Games

Kassdin recently received an updated base splash art, which was getting a bit dated. The new splash features a new take on Kassadin’s design, showing him far more prepared to take on the Void.

Though Kassadin hasn’t yet been reworked and his in-game model looks nothing like his new splash, it hasn’t stopped players from appreciating the intimidating and cool design featured in this art.

3. Sett

Sett Image
Image: Riot Games

Sett’s splash art is the epitome of cool, showing off the Boss in all of his glory.

The piece showcases Sett sitting atop a throne, from the point of view of some thug collapsing at his feet. The piece really gives you a sense of what the Boss is all about, and it does so with no words or comic panels. The cool visuals and overall personality of the piece are why it, and the champion, are favorites of much of the community.

2. Aatrox

Aatrox Image
Image: Riot Games

Aatrox, the Darkin Blade, the World Ender, is one of the most popular characters in the fandom and features some of the best art in the game.

In his splash, we can see the behemoth rampaging across a battle field in all of his blood-soaked glory. Little details, from the soldier cowering beheanth Aatrox’s grip and the flaming tears falling from the World-Ender’s eyes make this piece absolutely gorgeous to look at.

1. Pantheion

Pantheon Image
Image: Riot Games

It wouldn’t be fair to give the number one slot to any piece of art in League’s catalog besides Pantheon’s splash art.

Pantheon is the spear of humanity, the sole defender of man against gods and monsters, and his splash art perfectly displays the weight and glory of the champion in equal measure. From the details of his scarred body, to the excellent choice in lighting and color, to the colossal maw of Aatrox leering at him in the background, it’s hard to say Pantheon’s splash is anything but glorious.

That was 10 of the best pieces of artwork in League of Legends, but there are still tons more out there for you to find and enjoy. If you loved this list, check out more great content like this in the listicle section of our website.

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