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Best Muck Seeds (Update 4) Nightblade, Speedrun Seeds

Get a great start in your next run with our best Muck seeds! These will have you getting through monsters and on your way to surviving for many days.
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Muck is a survival based roguelike that has you destructing trees and boulders like Minecraft, but retrieving powerups and doing one life runs like in Hades. Part of the system that is shared with Minecraft is the ideas of seeds. These are number strings that will generate a specific world that should always be the same. We can use this to our advantage because certain seeds will produce worthwhile spawns that we can benefit from!

Unfortunately, with each update the seeds from prior updates will no longer work the same as they did before. So, we will update this post with new seeds as soon as there’s an update to the game.

Muck Seeds List

Here are the current best seeds for the most recent update of the game. We’ll add more if we find them and get some new ones once another update is released!

-937783676 Seed

Muck Spears Nightblade Image

This seed has at the very least two locations for Chief’s Spear and one cave location for a Nightblade. There is supposed to be a third Chief’s Spear, but I wasn’t able to locate it when I was running around the map. This is a great seed if you are playing with multiple people and want to start off with powerful weapons!

The locations of each spear chests and the nightblade are located where my character is on the map above!

spear seed Seed

Muck Double Spear Seed Image

This seed is pretty insane because you spawn right in a village and very close to you is the chief chest that will have Chief’s Spear in it, which is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. That would be pretty crazy in itself, but there’s another village not too far from the spawn that has another Chief’s Spear in it! This is a great seed if you want to play with a friend, because you will both have access to an extremely powerful weapon.

The locations of each spear chest are located where my character is on the map above!

Make sure to input the seed exactly as “spear seed” without the quotes. Seeds are case-sensitive!

6705893 seed

This one is for speedrunners looking to have a good start to a game. You spawn right next to the boat, and there’s a green gem Guardian right nearby. You’ll find a lot of obamium, which you will need to complete the boat repair. There’s plenty of chests and everything else you could need to beat the story of the game quickly!

Dev seed

Muck Nightblade Seed Update4 Image

If you want to start out with the best weapon in the game, then you’ll want to use the “Dev” seed. Head to the location where my player is on the map above and you will find a cave that has two green chests in it. One of those chests will have the Night Blade sword in it, and now just about nothing will stand in your way if you wield it! There’s also a couple of villages near the spawn, so be sure to check those out.

Make sure to input the seed exactly as “Dev” without the quotes. Seeds are case-sensitive, and if you lowercase the D it will not work!

Credit to whatthehellnowayyyey on Reddit for finding this seed.

-184745390 Seed

Muck Chiefs Spear Seed Update4 Image

If you want to start off with a different powerful weapon then you can use this seed which will spawn the rare Chief’s Spear in the Chief’s Chest that was added in update 4. This is actually more powerful than the Night Blade, and also has more range. The Night Blade, however, has more DPS because it has higher attack speed. You will find the Chief’s Spear in the chest at the location shown on the map above.

Be careful when you take anything from the Chief’s Chest, because the villagers will attack you once you remove an item from it. If you want to trade with them at all, do that first before taking the weapon!

Credit to Appl3BrUh on Reddit for finding this seed.

drugs Seed

Muck Nightblade Seed Drugs Update4 Image

This is another Muck seed that contains a Nightblade, but this one has it even closer to spawn. Head over to the lake area and you’ll find a cave with two green chests in it. One of them will have the Nightblade sword, which is one of the best weapons in the game. You should be able to slay your way throughout the map, collect coins, and buff up your character through chests!

Make sure to input the seed exactly as “drugs” without the quotes. Seeds are case-sensitive, so make sure it is all lowercase or you won’t get the right map.

That’s all of the best Muck seeds for the current update! If there’s any seeds you’d like to recommend then please let us know in the comments!

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  3. bread

    – Has Chief spear, with 2 villages near spawn
    – Obamnium and Adamantite chunks near spawn
    – 3 guardians grouped together near the bottom of the map
    – +100 coins on the first day

  4. fatty god

    this code will spawn you close to two villages one with a mithril sword and some good loot the other has alot of ore the code is -1858809841
    your welcome

  5. NataXan

    if you do “SUPER OP” seed you spawn next to a village with a chiefs spear then later on you’ll find another chiefs spear, also you will find a boat map in the two villages, including a cave

    1. NataXan

      you also must use this in cap(itals)

  6. Ooga Booga

    Also: ‘DRUGS’ but capitalized spawns you direct next to the boat.

    1. Sewi

      And it gives you the best sword (night sword)

  7. Ooga Booga

    Seed 2 Spawns you in a village, in a forest and has a Guardian nearby, the loot of the chests is fine and the ship is pretty close by spawn.

    Yes it is litterly ‘2’

  8. Roro

    So I forgot the seed I used but I spawned in between two caves and a village. Each cave had two chest and some chunkiam and a boat map


    121212121212 this seed i found while messing around also my username in game is aschscratcher the charactar ash from pokemon and scratch the program. This seed spawns you next to 2 villages combined plus a cave the map also has decent recources.

  10. DystopiaLOL

    221294511 is also good since it spawns you right beside a shipwreck
    Cave is pretty far tho

    1. CROSSY

      No that seed spawns you close to a cave wich has a night blade in it thats a popular one.

    2. Roro

      That is true

  11. floenele

    rain is also a good one