Best Waifu Anime Last Stand (ALS) Guide – How to Get, Stats, & Upgrades!

Best Waifu, inspired by a female version of Speedwagon from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, is an important unit in Anime Last Stand on Roblox. Here's how to get her and what upgrading her does!
Anime Last Stand Best Waifu Floating In Mid Air
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Best Waifu is a unique character in ALS, drawing inspiration from the female version of Speedwagon from the anime and manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. While there is no official female version of Speedwagon in the anime, renayumearts creatively brought this character to life. If you’re playing ALS and aiming to add Best Waifu, this guide is here to help you out, providing you with all the essential information on how to get her, her upgrades, and more in ALS.

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Anime Last Stand Best Waifu Guide

There are two methods to obtain Best Waifu in Anime Last Stand. The first method is by playing on Planet Namek Act 6 in Story Mode. The second method is to enter the AFK Time Chamber. She cannot be pulled on any banner, and the chance of acquiring her is extremely low as she is a Secret Unit.

Best Waifu Stats Overview

This Secret Unit is a Farming unit in Anime Last Stand, which means she cannot hurt enemies in battle. Yet, she does hold a very vital purchase as she’ll give you money each turn to upgrade your units faster. Even though she does take up a slot in your team, having a Farming unit is extremely beneficial.

  • Exotic Best Waifu
    • Deployment Cost: $600
    • Type: Farm
    • Element: Mind
    • Upgrades: 9
    • Max Placements: 1
    • Total Cost for Full Upgrade: $83,800
    • Range: 10
  • Speedcart Stats Before Upgrade
    • Farm: 350$ per wave
  • Speedcart Stats After Final Upgrade
    • Farm: 32,000$ per wave

Best Waifu Upgrade Overview

Best Waifu holds the title of the best farming unit in the game, providing even more than Speedcart.

  • Deployment – $600
    • Farm: 350$ per wave
  • Upgrade 1 – $1,500
    • Farm: 750$ per wave
  • Upgrade 2 – $2,250
    • Farm: 1,500$ per wave
  • Upgrade 3 – $2,290
    • Farm: 2,100$ per wave
  • Upgrade 4 – $3,800
    • Farm: 3,650$ per wave
  • Upgrade 5 – $4,750
    • Farm: 4,500$ per wave
  • Upgrade 6 – $7,950
    • Farm: 6,500$ per wave
  • Upgrade 7- $12,500
    • Farm: 10,000$ per wave
  • Upgrade 8 – $17,500
    • Farm: 15,500$ per wave
  • Upgrade 9 – $30,000
    • Farm: 32,000 per wave

Thanks to the Anime Last Stand Best Waifu wiki page for this information!

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