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Bloodhunt Map Not Loading/Rendering Fixes

Having issues with the map not rendering in Bloodhunt? This guide is full of fixes to help your game load faster and smoother.
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Vampire The Masquerade — Bloodhunt is the newest action game to hit Steam’s most popular charts. Though labeled a battle royale, the game plays much more like a deathmatch, with constant Vampire-fueled action dominating the city of Prague. Though the game is pretty impressive, it’s still freshly released and filled with a few noticeable bugs. If you’re having trouble with the map not loading in Bloodhunt, this guide will provide you with a few fixes.

Fixing Map Not Loading Bug In Bloodhunt

If you’re having issues with the map not loading in Vampire The Masquerade – Bloodhunt, there are a few fixes that have been shown to help. First of all, you can try turning down your graphics settings. Although you may have a high-tech gaming rig, you may be having issues with Bloodhunt’s poor optimization and doing this will help.

Another option that may help with the map not loading or rendering in Bloodhunt is updating your graphics drivers. Doing so can bring your graphics processing up to speed with the current gaming standards, and often fixes a lot of bugs with your current drivers.

Finally, switching the game from Borderless Windowed to Fullscreen is an option that personally helped me with Bloodhunt’s map rendering issues. Doing so in a match instantly rendered all of the areas of the map I was having trouble with, helping me stay in the fight.

Running the game in Directx11 mode is also a confirmed fix for some people.

Why Is The Map Not Loading / Rendering In Bloodhunt?

The issue with the map not loading or rendering in Vampire The Masquerade — Bloodhunt is related to the game’s poor optimization. While this will hopefully be fixed in the future, in the game’s current state it is not designed to work with a large variety of PC rigs, and thus does not have a lot of options or systems in place to customize the game’s hefty requirements.

While the game looks absolutely beautiful, the lack of optimization means a lot of rigs will have trouble running it consistently with high settings. All of these fixes above help the map render faster because it lowers the resource requirements of the game, helping your computer process the areas of the map it hasn’t gotten to yet.

That will hopefully solve the issues you have been having with the game! Be sure to check out our guide on how to add friends in the game via different platforms.

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  1. iHateThisGame

    Yeah I have the stupid quest from the npcs that require you to go to the burning church so I spawn right there on top of the indictator, game says waiting for other players for minutes. I can left click and here my gun shoot, press M and see the map from the game being started but do nothing. Happens everytime I spawn around there. I even died just trying to fight in this area in a completely different game because the unrendered floor bounces you preventing you from even playing the god damn game. I don’t know why I even do these worthless quests when they give you absolutely nothing at all, but what a complete (swear)ing joke..