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Bloodhunt update brings highly anticipated Hunting Rifle and medals

Bloodhunt’s latest update is live, bringing to the game the highly anticipated Hunting Rifle, medals, changes, and bug fixes!
Featured Bloodhunt Update Brings Highly Anticipated Hunting Rifle And Medals Image
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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt’s latest update is live, bringing the highly anticipated Hunting Rifle, changes, bug fixes, and more. The update will not only bring a new weapon to the game but will also help resolve the issues players have been experiencing, such as erratic bot behavior, inconsistent teammate health bars, and high ping servers.

Details of the update were obtained from the Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt’s official Steam post. We’ve included everything you need to know about the new additions and the update below. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

Bloodhunt Hunting Rifle Update

The Hunting Rifle

The new Hunting Rifle is somewhere between the Sniper Rifle and the Marksman Rifle, as it has a lower rate of fire but a higher damage output. It also introduces a unique bleeding feature that makes it ideal for hunting. The main weakness of this rifle is that it only comes with an iron sight. They also have longer reload times, making them not the best for close-range combat. 

The Hunting Rifle Bleeding Mechanism

What’s great about this bleeding mechanism is that it expands the wounds on vampires, making them bleed over time. In addition, it provides visual bleed damage, which means that the shooter can track their target more quickly. 

In-Game Medals

In this update, they’ve added a new mechanic that makes it more rewarding when you perform well in the game by awarding you a medal. All medals are displayed in the middle of the screen to highlight your accomplishment.

It’s important to note that different rules depending on the game mode. For example, a medal that is rewarded after rapidly killing four players within a brief time in TDM, the same reward would also be rewarded for doing the same thing in a Solo game. The difference is that there is no downed state in TDM.

The available medals include the following:

Killstreak Medal 


  • Killing spree/ 3-player killstreak/ Without dying
  • Rampage/ 5-player killstreak/ Without dying
  • Dominating/ 10-player killstreak/ Without dying
  • Unstoppable/ 15-player killstreak/ Without dying
  • Frenzy/ 20-player killstreak/ Without dying
  • Blood Frenzy/ 20+ player killstreak/ Without dying

Rapid Kills Takedown Medal


  • Double takedown/two rapid takedowns/ Time
  • Triple takedown/three rapid takedowns/ Time
  • Quadra takedown/four rapid takedowns/ Time
  • Penta takedown/five rapid takedowns/ Time
  • Infinite takedown/ 5+ rapid takedowns/ Time

Feeding on Civilian Medals 

(Name/Criterion/ Rule) 

  • Feeding one/ Feed 3 times/ Achievable once per match
  • Feeding two/ Feed 6 times/ Achievable once per match
  • Feeding three/ Feed 9 times/ Achievable once per match

Diablerie on Players Medals 

(Name/ Criterion/ Rule) 

  • Blood taste 1/ Diablerize 3 enemies/ Achievable once per match
  • Blood taste 2/ Diablerize 6 enemies/ Achievable once per match
  • Blood taste 3/ Diablerize 9 enemies/ Achievable once per match

Match Placement Medals

(Name/ Criterion/ Rule) 

  • Survival 1/ Be among the final 25 players/ Achievable once per match
  • Survival 2/ Be among the final ten players/ Achievable once per match
  • Survival 3/ Be among the final five players/ Achievable once per match

World Medals 

(Name/ Criterion/ Rule) 

  • Lockpicker/ Open 2 Camarilla crates/ Achievable once per match
  • Robbery/ Break into two stores/ Trigger the alarm twice; once per match

Revenge Medal 

(Name/ Criterion/ Rule) 

  • Revenge/ Kill a player who killed you/ Takedown or kill

Crosshair Notifications

Crosshair notifications are small rewarding messages that pop up near your crosshair, which lets you know when you’ve done something amazing in-game.  Like the medals, they have names and criteria for triggering them. The possible notifications and what triggers them include the following:

  • Elimination triggers by killing a player
  • Bloodhunt takedown triggers by downing a bloodhunted player in BR
  • Assist triggers by assisting a takedown or kill
  • Headshot, triggers by landing final shot kills in TDM or final headshot takedowns in BR
  • Slide shot, triggers by landing final shot kills in TDM or final headshot takedowns in BR
  • Aerial shot, triggers by landing final shot kills in TDM or final headshot takedowns in BR
  • Diablerie triggers by diablerizing a player in BR

Bot Adjustments 

The bots in Bloodhunt can sometimes behave erratically. In this update, they have made a pass on their logic and overall behavior. Bots will now have more survivability with the starting equipment and be a little more deadly with better weapons.

  • Bots now try to avoid entering combat when they only have the starting pistol.
  • Bots now will treat Entity as a more significant threat
  • Bots’ weapon accuracy has been adjusted to make them slightly more challenging.

Weapon Balancing 

In the December update, the dev team noticed feedback that the Dual Crossbows still needed additional tuning. So, they reduced the bonus damage from direct hits by half but increased their magazine size slightly for the lower rarities. Instead of 4/6/8 for green, blue, and purple, they are now at 6/7/8 rounds per reload.

Furthermore, they have also made the following changes for this update:

  • Increased the Minigun ammunition from 300 to 400
  • Increased the Double-Barreled shotgun damage
  • Increased the max spread of the AK
  • Increased the Heavy Crossbow gas damage

The balance changes above have been based on player feedback and back-end data. 

TDM Changes 

In this update, they’ve made some essential improvements to Team Deathmatch. All the powers’ visual effects will show for your entire team, including the reveal from Scouting Famulus and the healing from Rejuvenating voice. You can also now see hit-point bars for all members of your team. 

They have also changed the weapon loadout on respawn in TDM to a combination of the Tommy Gun and Marksman Rifle. 

Server Matchmaking Changes

The dev team performed tests and evaluated the settings for Bloodhunt. From this update and going forward, the following changes will apply:

  • We have increased the number of players that are allowed in each Elysium.
  • Region expansion will be limited in regions with higher population, and this should lead to fewer matches with exceedingly high ping.
  • Bots will continue to be absent from Team Deathmatch
  • Our rating expansion settings will include a broader range of players, and potentially it will make matches in the Duo and Solo game modes more populated by players
  • In short, we are keeping the same changes made during the Jan 21-22 weekend.


  • We resolved an issue with invisible accessories and facial hair on the holiday masks.
  • A visual issue that sometimes showed 0 players at the end of a match has been fixed.
  • You no longer get stuck and are again able to move if you cancel ‘Rejuvenating Voice’ after getting downed mid-air.
  • Bots no longer get stuck in making decisions about whom to perform diablerie on
  • The description for the ‘Shark Chum’-challenge has been corrected to represent the unlock requirements accurately.
  • You now will be able to spawn with Dual Daggers in Prague with the ‘Warrior’ perk equipped (get cutting!)
  • Visually, all ‘Buzz Cuts’ now are consistently the same length across multiple hairstyles.
  • Once again, you can change keybinds for the basic movement controls in the settings.
  • The abilities of disconnected players in TDM will no longer remain active.
  • The final objective in the quest The Talent Show – Part 3 can now be completed.
  • In-game messages for Twitch Drops are now correctly localized
  • The health bar above spectated teammates is currently being displayed consistently
  • [PS5] An issue that, under certain circumstances, would crash the game after opening the store has been resolved
  • Some issues with characters and letters present in certain localizations have been resolved
  • Several other technical bugfixes

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