Gaming - is the newest spam link in Roblox is the most recent spam link that's being spread around Roblox that redirects you to the same scam website as the previous ones have.
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Roblox continues to facedown aggressive bots that continually post information in chat about a particular website that claims to give out free Robux. is the latest of these spammy links that redirects you to Blox Land, a well-known site that has you complete surveys, click on links, and sign up for accounts in different places to earn Robux. The site is largely a scam, and while people might get some Robux out of it occasionally, it’s not worth the time and could lead to you clicking on the wrong link and getting a virus.

These spammy links have popped up again in the last few weeks. There was,, and now there’s Once Roblox shuts this one down, they’ll move onto some other URL that redirects you to their main site. If you go into any popular game on Roblox, you will eventually see one of these spammy links.

If you are one of many Roblox players looking to obtain free Robux, then there are options available to you that are legitimate and support by Roblox. Microsoft has a rewards program that you can engage in that actually does get you free Robux. If you’re on the creative side, then you can make clothing or a Roblox game to get some Robux. We delve into all these solutions in our How to get free Robux post!

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