Bryan Fury Joins TEKKEN 8 in New Gameplay Trailer

TEKKEN 8's roster broadens with the addition of Bryan Fury, a character with a fascinating backstory and unique fighting style.
Tekken 8 Bryan Fury In Game
Image: Bandai Namco

As the lineup of TEKKEN 8 expands, Bryan Fury is the newest character to step into the fighting ring. His introduction bolsters an impressive roster that already includes renowned characters such as Hwoarang, Emilie ‘Lili’ De RochefortPaul PhoenixLeroy Smith, and Asuka Kazama.

In the complex web of the game’s backstory, Bryan Fury, the once esteemed police officer with ties to Interpol’s Hong Kong Division, is a character shrouded in intrigue. As a detective, he exhibited remarkable skill, although his reputation was often tainted by ominous rumors. The web of suspicion grew tighter when fellow Interpol detective Lei Wulong, investigating drug trafficking, unearthed Bryan’s alleged connections to drug dealers. Tragically, Bryan met his end in a Hong Kong shoot-out, an incident that has fueled speculation of involvement by Lei.

Entering the fray, Bryan Fury showcases an unconventional yet potent style of kickboxing. His style is characterized by an aggressive punishment game, exploiting counter hits to inflict heavy damage and ensuring no opponent’s move goes unpunished. Bryan applies consistent pressure on adversaries, keeping them constantly on edge.

Despite his strengths, Bryan is not without vulnerabilities. He is often in the precarious position of being unsafe, demanding calculated risks for rewarding combos, capable of reducing nearly 30% of the opponent’s health. Furthermore, Bryan struggles with limited range. Nevertheless, Bryan remains a formidable character, equipped with a robust toolset that can induce fear in his adversaries.

Bryan’s interpretation of kickboxing is far from orthodox, infusing a sadistic spin on specific maneuvers, notably the Fisherman’s Slam. A fusion of karate techniques further diversifies his unique fighting repertoire.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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