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Clicker Simulator Codes – Update 20 (May 2022)

We have the entire list of new and working OP codes for Roblox Clicker Simulator that will get you free pets and more!
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Roblox Clicker Simulator is a clicking game created by the developers at Pressure Studios. In this experience, you will be frantically clicking, tapping, or auto-clicking your way to earn clicks. You can use those clicks to purchase pet eggs, double jumps, and rebirths to increase your clicking abilities. If you can earn enough clicks, you can rebirth to get gems that will allow you to upgrade your character even further. See if you can reach the top of the leaderboard in this clicking game!

If you’re looking for freebies then you can find them with our Clicker Simulator codes list. If you aren’t sure how to redeem codes in Clicker Simulator, you can find out how below the codes list! Make sure to favorite this page by pressing CTRL + D on your keyboard or use the Add to Bookmark button on mobile.

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All Clicker Simulator Codes

We’ve got the newest valid codes listed below for Roblox Clicker Simulator. These can be redeemed for pets that will help increase your ability to accumulate many more clicks! You will want to make sure to use these as soon as possible, because codes do expire after a period of time.

New Clicker Simulator Codes

  • LUCKY5000 – Redeem code for free rewards (NEW)
  • 400DOUBLELUCK – Redeem code for free rewards
  • LUCKYCODE21 – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 2xlongluck350 – Redeem code for a Luck Boost
  • LIKECLICK12 – Redeem code for free rewards
  • tokcodeluck12 – Redeem code for free rewards
  • twitter100k – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 325CLICKS2 – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 300DOUBLELUCK – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 300SHINYCHANCE – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 275K2XSHINY – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 250KLIKECLICKS – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 225KLIKECODE – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 200KLIKECODE – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 175KLIKELUCK – Redeem code for free rewards
  • FREEAUTOHATCH5 – Redeem code for 2 Hours of Auto Hatch
  • 150KCLICKS – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 125KLUCK – Redeem code for 2x Luck
  • 100KLIKES – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 75KLIKES – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 50KLikes – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 30klikes – Redeem code for 2 Hours of 2x Luck
  • 20KLIKES – Redeem code for 3 Hours of Auto Hatch
  • freeautohatch – Redeem code for Free Auto Hatch

Find codes for a bunch of other games in our Roblox Games Codes page.

Expired Codes

  • 10KLikes – Redeem code for free rewards
  • UPDATE4HYPE – Redeem code for 1 Hour of 2x Luck
  • 2022 – Redeem code for the 2022 Champion Pet

Clicker Simulator FAQ

How do I redeem codes in Clicker Simulator?

To redeem codes in Roblox Clicker Simulator, you will just need to follow these steps:

  1. Open up Roblox Clicker Simulator on your PC or Mobile device
  2. Tap on the Menu button on the side of the screen
  3. Tap on the Twitter bird button in the Menu
  4. Copy a code from our list
  5. Paste it into the “Enter Code Here” textbox
  6. Hit the Confirm button to get your reward
How To Redeem Codes In Clicker Simulator Image

Make sure to enter the codes exactly as they are listed in our post. If you don’t, you might find that they will not work for you, which means you have possibly entered them incorrectly. However, after you double-check them, be sure to let us know if any of the codes aren’t working or have expired, and we’ll update the list as soon as possible!

Where do I get more codes for Clicker Simulator?

To find more codes, make sure to follow ActiveWizard on Twitter, who is the developer of the game. You can also join the official Discord server for the game to get news, updates, and to chat with other players. Otherwise, we will be updating this wiki with all of the most recent codes, so make sure to check back frequently!

Game Description

⚡ Gain Clicks by clicking the click button or by pressing ‘E’!
🐾 Hatch, collect, and trade LEGENDARY pets!
🔄 Use Clicks to rebirth, giving you a Clicks multiplier and Gems!
💰 Use Gems for rebirth pets and buttons to help you on your journey!
⏫ Unlock more Double Jumps and discover Islands high above!
🏆 Climb the leaderboards and become a Clicking God!

Those are all of the codes we currently have listed for Roblox Clicker Simulator. If you see one that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments so we can add it right away!

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  1. Landon

    Màn it is cool

  2. Supreme

    How many jumps can you buy

  3. idk

    What can code 2xlongluck350 do?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It gives you a luck boost? Helps with hatching I assume.



  5. Sanod_fighterX

    o my god it is a real perfectly game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. NoobPlayz

    Yoo hello I tried all of the codes and two did’t work but i dont remember which one.

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I just tested the majority of them and they all worked fine.

  7. Jonathan

    Awesome codes, On my way to that 150m egg secret haha!

    1. JACKY

      it is hard to hatch a ‘secret’ dude

      1. NoobPlayz

        I know right! Ikr

  8. B1q

    When will St patrick’s event end??

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Probably when the next update releases.

  9. triocypher

    this is so awsome and i love using codes

    1. NoobPlayz


  10. Hi

    When is update 11 coming?

    1. HELLO

      Next saturday.

  11. Jay

    what does Auto hatch do

    1. Meee

      It auto opens eggs

  12. Me

    God codes helped me get the prism titsn

  13. neon

    Hey my friend got 5 pets equipped and he doesn’t know how… he does not have 10mil clicks yet, nor did he perchas a game pass. he did jus unlock the extra pet thing from indexfrom hatching. What happened?

    1. Jonathan

      Probably some bug, Not sure if you dont know then contact a mod..

  14. jkliopii

    when is update 9 coming out

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It will be at 3:30pm Est.

  15. Vietnamese guy

    Thanks very much this help me get a legendary flying machine (Cuz I had lucky for 8 hours so I have it =).)

  16. Bruh

    wow totally epic codes for me

  17. rajon

    Thank you so much this helps me some much

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Glad to hear it!

  18. Why

    The New Code 175KLIKELUCK Is Not Working

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Try a new server, it works fine.

  19. kiri

    u should make it where the best pets u have and u click mass pets the good pets dont get deleted bc i js did that and they were trillion pets and now i miss them.


      LOL just lock the pets

  20. mario

    how do i get free pet that is good

    1. Gamer

      You dont

  21. nova

    How do you make golden pets???

    1. Jona

      You need 3 shinies of a pet

  22. ~mxchi~

    this is a good game to play its fun and calm! 😀

  23. Will-I-Am

    How can you set ur rebirths to a random number instead of having to get 1 5 or 10 each time

    1. zeo

      you can set it to a random number you must set it

  24. david

    mabye a really insane code

  25. Viktor

    I want The best pet on clicker sim

  26. NOMATE11


  27. zman

    plz make more

  28. Gojo

    can we have a code thats gives 15 mins of x2 luck please

  29. Kevin

    Pls macke more codes i love tis game

  30. Shad0w

    UPDATE4HYPE,0KLikes,freeautohatch these codes does not work.

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Moved to expired, thanks.

    2. peebo

      freeautohatch does work

      1. The One

        it does for me

  31. jimbob0_02

    can u make it so codes can be used more than once please

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Sorry, we have no control over that.