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Collect All Pets Codes (March 2023) – New freebies available!

We've got the full list of all the new and working codes for Roblox Collect All Pets that will get you some free boosts in the game!
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In Roblox Collect All Pets, you will be gathering a group of collectible pets together to help you gather gold so that you can purchase rare eggs and get even better animals! As your collection grows, you will be able to unlock new areas that have better eggs and more profitable crystals to harvest. See if you can unlock all of the worlds and collect the best pets in the game!

If you’re looking for freebies then you can find them with our Collect All Pets codes list. If you aren’t sure how to redeem codes in Collect All Pets, you can find out how below the codes list! Make sure to favorite this page by pressing CTRL + D on your keyboard or use the Add to Bookmark button on mobile.

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All Collect All Pets Codes

Working Codes

  • ItsAlwaysADesert – Free Boosts & Rewards (NEW)
  • Mountaineer – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • SticksAndStonesAndLevers – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • StrobeLight – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • ConcaveForward – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • ArcticMoon – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • ThingsThatHaveWaves – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • OverEasy – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • Ocean – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • Electromagnetism – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • Stadium – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • FiveNewCodes – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • NotEnoughDrops – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • ToPointOh – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • Buttertom_1m – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • FromTheMachine – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • Amebas – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • MrPocket – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • FusionIndy – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • musketeersandamigos – 2x Gold Boosts
  • seasonsandamovie – 2x Gold Boosts
  • Sub2PHMittens – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • CommonLoon – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • ChocolateMilk – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • Meerkat – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • Unihorns – Free Boosts & Rewards
  • Viper_Toffi – Free Rewards
  • CrazyDiamond – Free Rewards
  • GenAutoCalc – Free Rewards
  • Plasmatic_Void – Free Rewards
  • eaglenight222 – Free Rewards
  • Metallic – Free Rewards
  • OneOutOfEight – Free Rewards
  • BurgersandFries – Free Rewards
  • MountIn – Free Rewards
  • ProsperousGrounds – Free Rewards
  • Massproduction – Free Rewards
  • FFR – Free Rewards
  • Shinier – Free Rewards
  • ImFlying – Free Rewards
  • SpeedPlayzTree – Free Rewards
  • shipwrecked – Free Rewards
  • ItsAlwaysADesert – Free Rewards
  • KlausWasHere – Free Rewards
  • TheGreatCodeInTheSky – 2x Gold Boost
  • IfYouAintFirst – 2x Gold Boost
  • 4815162342 – 2x Gold Boost
  • Taikatalvi – 2x Gold Boost
  • Groupie – 2x Gold Boost
  • SecretCodeWasHere – 2x Gold Boost
  • Brrrrr – 2x Gold Boost
  • TreeSauce – 2x Gold Boost
  • FirstCodeEver – 2x Gold Boost
  • Orion – 2x Gold Boost

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Expired Codes

  • BugJuice – Free Rewards
  • TillFjalls – Redeem Code for a 2x Gold Boost
  • PillarsOfCreation – Redeem Code for a 2x Gold Boost
  • Click – Redeem Code for a 2x Gold Boost
  • HorseWithNoName – Redeem Code for a 2x Gold Boost
  • MemoryLeak – Redeem Code for a 2x Gold Boost
  • Erdentempel – Redeem Code for a 2x Gold Boost
  • ShinyHunting – Redeem code for Free Rewards
  • TooManyDrops – Redeem code for Free Rewards
  • DuelingDragons – Redeem code for Free Rewards
  • FewAndFarBetween – Redeem code for Free Rewards
  • ItsTheGrotto – Redeem code for Free Rewards
  • WhoLetTheDogsOut – Redeem code for Free Rewards
  • DuneBuggy – Redeem code for Free Rewards
  • GlitteringGold – Redeem code for Free Rewards
  • FastTyper – Redeem code for Free Rewards
  • itsachicken – Redeem code for Free Rewards
  • ItsNotADuck – Redeem code for Free Rewards
  • NewCode – Redeem code for Free Rewards

Collect All Pets FAQ

How do I redeem codes in Collect All Pets?

To redeem codes in Roblox Collect All Pets, you will just need to follow these steps:

  1. Open up Roblox Collect All Pets on your PC or Mobile device
  2. Click or Tap on the Tag button at the top of the screen
  3. Copy a code from our list
  4. Paste it into the empty text box
  5. Hit the Submit button to get your reward!
How To Redeem Codes In Collect All Pets Image

Be sure to enter the codes exactly as they are shown in our post, because they have been tested to work how they are presented. If you type them in yourself, you might find that they don’t work for you. This could possibly be due to the codes being case-sensitive or you made a typo. However, if you have double checked them and they still don’t work, be sure to let us know in the comments, so that we can fix them right away!

If it’s a brand new code that doesn’t work, try closing out of the game and re-opening it. This will put you in a new server, which could have an updated build of the game where the code will be working!

Where do I get more codes for Collect All Pets?

To find more codes, make sure to join the official Discord server for the game to get news, updates, and to chat with other players. Otherwise, we will be updating this wiki with all of the most recent codes, so make sure to check back frequently!

Those are all of the codes we currently have listed for Roblox Collect All Pets. If you see one that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments so we can add it right away!

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  1. Gr33dStation

    Im playing the game and i see picture frames that have puzzles on them. one of them has a graph on it with a bunch of pets you can fins the frame in the forest area.

  2. Chris

    other codes working but not in the list above: seasonsandamovie (in the jungle near drop coins buy), musketeersandamigos (in the desert at the wall when looking from arctic), and no longer active: BugJuice

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks!

  3. KristaBelle

    All of the below below codes are coming up as invalid

    DuneBuggy, GlitteringGold, FastTyper, itsachicken, ItsNotADuck, NewCode, BugJuice, ItsTheGrotto, WhoLetTheDogsOut, FewAndFarBetween, DuelingDragons, ShinyHunting, TooManyDrops, Erdentempel, MemoryLeak, HorseWithNoName, Click, PillarsOfCreation, TillFjalls,

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Moved them all to expired, thanks!