Comedy Sandbox game, Henry Halfhead, announced to be released on Steam next year

Play as the odd little character who has the ability to possess and control object in the upcoming sandbox adventure game, Henry Halfhead.
Henry Halfhead
Image: Henry Halfhead

Henry Halfhead is an upcoming comedy sandbox co-op game by Zürich-based developer and publisher Lululu Entertainment. In this game, players will play as Henry, merely half a head, but with the peculiar ability to possess and control any object within their reach. 

As part of The MIX Direct Spring 2023, Henry Halfhead was presented among other indie titles. As of now, there is still no specific release date for Henry Halfhead, but it was revealed to launch on PC via Steam next year. Get a sneak peek at the features of Henry Halfhead in the reveal trailer, courtesy of Lululu Entertainment’s official Youtube channel:

YouTube video

As the odd little character, Henry, players will discover every object’s unique properties and abilities and cleverly combine them to progress through Henry’s not-so-ordinary everyday life. Try becoming a knife to slice morning toast or water plants as a watering can. There are also new rooms to unlock and objects that players may possess as they progress.

Here are the key features of Henry Halfhead, as revealed on its Steam page:

  • 150+ Playable Objects:
    • Discover and play as over 150 objects with unique properties and abilities.
  • Local Co-op:
    • Let a friend join the fun at any time thanks to the drop-in local co-op mode.
  • Become the Right Tools for the Job:
    • Think outside the box to find alternative solutions to challenges and discover bonus content.
  • Life is a Playground:
    • Expand the levels of Henry’s life by unlocking new rooms and items, forming joyful playgrounds.
  • A Wholesome Story:
    • Listen to the narrator who guides you through Henry’s life and rewards your exploration with humorous insights into Henry’s quirky character.
  • Mini-Games:
    • Unlock and play a collection of fun mini-games which test your object-controlling skills.
  • Customize your Henry:
    • All Henry can really wear are hats. Thankfully there are plenty of them for you to find and put on Henry’s shiny bald head.

Henry Halfhead fuses sandbox adventure gameplay with a bizarre and wholesome premise. Its odd and intriguing appearance is emphasized by its flat yet colorful setting. Meanwhile, the antics and humor offered by the narrator are certainly one of the highlights of Henry Halfhead and may be among its most anticipated aspects.

You may add Henry Halfhead to your Steam wishlist now to be notified when it becomes available.

Shemiah Ruina

Shemiah Ruina

Shemiah is a gaming niche writer and an Electronics Engineering graduate at the Technological University of the Philippines. She plays a lot of RPGs and FPS games. She also enjoys watching movies and anime.


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