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Cookie Run: Kingdom Captain Caviar Best Build guide

Take a look at the best toppings and treasures for the latest Epic Cookie, Captain Caviar Cookie, in Cookie Run: Kingdom!
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The Legend of the Duskgloom Sea update is finally here in Cookie Run: Kingdom. The latest update welcomes two cookies – a legendary ambush cookie named Black Pearl Cookie and the epic bomber cookie named Captain Caviar Cookie. These two cookies are the focus of the storyline “Black Pearl Island.” Here are the best toppings and treasures for Captain Caviar Cookie.

Best Toppings and Treasures for Captain Caviar

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To know which toppings and treasures are best to equip for Captain Caviar, you must first understand his skills. His strength lies in his skill, Black Shark Torpedo, where he shoots 3 Black Shark Torpedoes at the enemies and grants all allies with debuff resistance. Moreover, the torpedoes are programmed to target the enemy with the lowest HP first. Once his skill hit any enemy, he will become immune to fear effects and resistant to interrupting skills. 

Since Captain Caviar’s potential is dependent in his skill, the best choice for his toppings would be x5 Swift Chocolate. These toppings can reduce the cooldown of his skills, which allows him to spam his skills and deal massive damage, at the same time, debuff enemies. Another choice would be a full x5 Searing Raspberry so that his torpedoes will deal massive damage output. Lastly, he can become a support cookie due to his debuff feature. As such, he may equip x5 Almond Toppings or a mix of x3 Almond Toppings + x2 Swift Chocolate to increase his survivability.

For the selection of treasures, it is recommended to equip Captain Caviar with Squishy Jelly Watch. The treasure can greatly reduce the cooldown of his skills. Adding Old Pilgrim Scroll can significantly increase his DMG output. Lastly, you can equip either Gatekeeper Ghost’s Horn to increase the DEF of all the cookies or Divine Honey Cream Crown to increase CRIT% and CRIT DMG.

That’s all you need to know about the best toppings and treasures for Captain Caviar Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Learn more about the game by checking out the Cookie Run: Kingdom section of our site!

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