Daily Pop Crossword August 11 2023 Answers (8/11/23)

Here are all of the answers to today's Daily Pop Crossword puzzle for August 11 2023 to help you finish it up!
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Our Daily POP Crossword August 11, 2023 answers guide should help you finish today’s crossword if you’ve found yourself stuck on a crossword clue. The Daily POP Crosswords is a daily puzzle game that challenges players to fill in the blanks of a crossword puzzle with words and phrases related to pop culture. Players can test their knowledge of current events, movies, music, and more while enjoying a classic word game format. The game is available online and can be played anytime, anywhere, making it an accessible and convenient form of entertainment for crossword enthusiasts of all ages.

There is a new puzzle to work through each day of the week. This crossword is considered to be balanced between being fun and engaging with some challenge but entirely solvable without tearing one’s hair out!

Daily Pop Crossword August 11, 2023 Answers

If you need help solving the Daily Pop Crossword on 8/11/23, we’ve listed all of the crossword clues below so you can find the answer(s) you need. You can search for the clue and then select the appropriate clue to get the answer. We have done it this way so that if you’re just looking for a handful of clues, you won’t spoil other ones you’re working on!

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Magician's vanishing sound effect (rhymes with goof)
Crust formed on a wound say
___ Kendrick Up in the Air actress
Cured burger meat
Ancient Roman attire
Biting insect that targets prey by sensing their body heat
Rise of the Planet of the ___ 2011 science fiction film
African antelope with a beard
The Cincinnati ___ (MLB team)
Wrestling name for Dwayne Johnson: 2 wds.
Frozen queen
___-friendly (good for the environment)
Cloud's place
Fish commonly served smoked which has the ability to see infrared light
Computer expert slangily
___ Winehouse singer of Rehab
Fishing stick
Damage on a car as from a minor collision
Loud reactions at a haunted house maybe
Obi-___ Kenobi who mentors Luke Skywalker
Flight connection word
Met ___ (major fashion event)
Freshwater fish commonly kept as a pet which has the ability to see infrared and ultraviolet light
Cow product
Second day of the work week for short
___ Driver who starred in House of Gucci
Eyelid swelling
Suffix for drunk to mean a person that drinks a lot of alcohol
Faucets or spigots
Actress Anderson of Baywatch fondly
Yoko ___ John Lennon's love
Carry-___ (like luggage you can bring into the airplane)
___ Falls popular Swiss waterfall
Planet Earth or Our Planet subject
Te ___ (I love you in Spanish)
Tony ___ Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man role
Deal with something difficult (rhymes with hope)
Like fine wine or cheese
Freshwater or seawater fish with a striped variety which has dichromatic vision
Cry of disgust
Tim ___ (Australian cookie brand)
Month after September for short
Private college in Cedar Rapids (anagram of eco): Abbr.
That in Spanish
On the ___ (fleeing)
___ Will Be Loved (Maroon 5 song)
Next of ___ (relatives)
Have you met him ___? (question from an eager friend maybe)
J.R.R. Tolkien monster
Neither here ___ there
You could insert them into Walkmans: Abbr.
Consume eagerly as food
Limbless slithering reptile some groups of which can sense infrared thermal radiation
Had the flu say (word hidden in jailed)
___ Hatter Alice in Wonderland character
Time and tide ___ for none
Comrade in battle say
Baseball executives: Abbr.
___: San Andreas (best-selling Rockstar video game): Abbr.
Low-___ dairy products
Liquid from a tree
___ Queen Elizabeth (Royal Navy Ship): Abbr.

Daily POP Crosswords is a popular daily crossword puzzle that can be accessed online and through mobile apps. It is known for its themes related to pop culture and entertainment, and its format that is easy to solve, making it accessible to crossword enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

Daily Pop Crossword
Image via Daily POP

The puzzle was first introduced in 2017 and is created by a team of experienced crossword constructors known for their creativity and skill in the field of crossword puzzles.

Daily Pop Crossword
Daily Pop Crossword

Daily POP Crosswords puts an emphasis on pop culture and entertainment-related themes. The puzzles often include clues and answers related to movies, TV shows, music, celebrities, and more.

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