DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List – Best Characters!

We're going to take a look at all of the best characters you can get in our DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier list. Use these characters to power through the adventures and be the most powerful hero in the game!
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DanMachi Battle Chronicle is an exhilarating new mobile gacha game in an anime-style that brings the world of the beloved anime series and manga “Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka”, or “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”, to life. Step into the shoes of your favorite characters like Bell Cranel, Ais Wallenstein, and Hestia as you battle your way through the dangerous dungeons of Orario of the popular anime series.

Customize your team, unleash powerful skills, and defeat challenging enemies in epic real-time battles. Use our DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List below!

Best DanMachi Battle Chronicle Characters Tier List

This guide categorizes the best heroes in in DanMachi Battle Chronicle. The Adventurer classification offers players insights into the attributes and advantages of each character, assisting them so they can get the best characters in DanMachi Battle Chronicle.

The following DanMachi Battle Chronicles Tier List ranks the currently available races into these tiers:

  • S-Tier: OP
  • A-Tier: Best
  • B-Tier: Good
  • C-tier: Average
  • D-tier: Below Average

Best Characters in DanMachi Battle Chronicle

DanMachi Battle Chronicle S-Tier

  • [Heavyweight] Gareth
  • [Angry Snake] Tione Hiryute

DanMachi Battle Chronicle A-Tier

  • [The Unfinished Boy] Bell Cranel
  • [Sword Princess] Ais Wallenstein
  • [Big Cut] Tiona Hiryute
  • [Demon Fox] Sanjouno Haruhime
  • [Kumahime] Riveria Lyos Alv
  • [The Pessimist] Cassandra Irion

DanMachi Battle Chronicle B-Tier

  • [Gale] Ryu Lion
  • [Perfect photo] Yamato Life
  • [Bad Wolf] Bet Loga
  • [Thousand Fairies] Lefiya Viridis
  • [Hero] Finn Dimna
  • [Reiji] Aisha Belka
  • [Thousand Fairies] Lefiya

DanMachi Battle Chronicle C-Tier

  • [Growing Magician] Refiya
  • [Fertility Maid] Sil
  • [Dragon Girl] Wiene
  • [Neutral God] Hermes
  • [God of Medicine] Miaha
  • [Queen of the Night] Ishtar
  • [Red-haired blacksmith god] Hephaestus
  • [Dwarf Strength] Ririruka
  • [Clown perjury] Loki
  • [Main deity of the sacred fire] Hestia
  • [Bujin] Takemikazuchi

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Reroll Guide

Playing through DanMachi: Battle Chronicle feels reminiscent of several gacha-inspired games where you aim to secure top-tier characters. To optimize your early-game advantage, our DanMachi: Battle Chronicle reroll guide can be an invaluable asset. Here’s how you can make the most out of your initial free pulls:

  1. Start by downloading and installing DanMachi: Battle Chronicle on your device, iOS or Android.
  2. Initiate the game, ensuring you log in without linking to your Apple or Google account.
  3. Dive into the introductory tutorial, which will roughly take a quarter of an hour.
  4. Conquer the chapter titled “Adventure: Bell Cranel” to unleash the myriad game features, leading you to your first character pulls.
  5. Once you assess your pulls, and they meet your expectations, proceed to link your Apple or Google account for security.
  6. However, if the pulls aren’t to your liking, simply remove the game along with its data, redownload, and embark on the journey anew.
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