Dark Quest 3, a Rogue-lite Tabletop Game, Set to Exit Early Access on May 24

The rogue-lite tabletop game, Dark Quest 3, developed by Brain Seal Entertainment, will be released on May 24, transitioning from Early Access to full release and expanding to console platforms.
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Image: Brain Seal Entertainment

Dark Quest 3, a rogue-lite tabletop game, developed by Brain Seal Entertainment is scheduled to exit Early Access on May 24. With its departure from Early Access, the game will be made available to a broader audience, expanding beyond PC to PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

The game’s mechanics are a novel blend of traditional dice-based role-playing elements and card-based strategy. Players will navigate through procedurally generated dungeons, confronting a variety of challenges and enemies along the way. Players will engage in strategic combat, enlist allies, and utilize a range of tools and tactics to overcome obstacles and adversaries. Each run offers new and exciting elements, making every game unique.

Dark Quest 3 Dice Roll Example
Image: Brain Seal Entertainment

At the outset of Dark Quest 3, players find themselves in a hero camp, tasked with assembling their party before embarking on a journey across diverse areas. The choice of areas depends on the party’s strengths and weaknesses. Throughout their journey, players draw adventure cards, engage in dice roll checks, confront monsters, and strive to reach the chaos castle. The ultimate objective is to defeat the sorcerer and his magic, thus liberating the realm.

Dark Quest 3 features 12 heroes and over 60 monsters, providing a rogue-lite experience that persists until the player either achieves victory or meets their demise. With 13 distinct areas to explore, coupled with over 150 adventure cards, the game offers an extensive and diverse gaming experience. The game’s tactical turn-based combat system utilizes controlled random numbers, incorporating over 80 combat cards that include spells, weapons, potions, and equipment. The distinctive art world of Dark Quest 3 mimics the feel of a tabletop game, complete with voice-over narration for the sorcerer, embodying the role of the Dungeon Master.

Upon exiting Early Access, Dark Quest 3 will retail at $18.99 USD, signifying a new chapter in its development journey.

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