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Dead by Daylight 6.4.0 update will introduce changes in matchmaking system 

Team-Based Ratings and Extended Breaks changes will go live along the release of Dead by Daylight 6.4.0 update.
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New content and updates are essential in Dead by Daylight to improve the overall survival horror experience for players. In the upcoming 6.4.0 patch, Dead by Daylight focuses on improving the matchmaking system. The development team has already made minor adjustments to the matchmaking system to achieve the optimal balance between wait times and match quality. However, in response to player feedback, the team has made even more substantial changes to the matchmaking system.

The Dead by Daylight 6.4.0 patch focuses on adjustments to Team-Based Ratings and Extended Breaks. Specifically, the Team-Based Ratings update involves altering Survivor ratings based on the success of the team as well as individual players, whereas the Extended Breaks update feature improved handling for returning players.

In version 6.4.0, Survivor’s ratings will reflect both individual and team performance. Whether the player gains or loses a rating is still decided by whether or not they escape. However, the amount by which their rating is adjusted depends on the number of Survivors who escape the trial.

  • For each teammate that escapes:
    • You gain more ratings if you escape.
    • You lose less rating if you die.
  • For each teammate that dies:
    • You gain less rating if you escape.
    • You lose more ratings if you die.

Meanwhile, the matchmaking system has also been improved to better accommodate players who haven’t played in a while, so that their returns are as seamless as possible. As a solution to this, a confidence level will be included in the matchmaking system. Specifically, the game gains more knowledge about the player once they have participated in a certain number of matches, which causes their confidence to improve. As a result, the player’s rating will change less after each match.

Dead by Daylight will continue to work on matchmaking improvements. As such, they are looking forward to receiving more feedback from players.

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