Dead by Daylight Chief of Staff Criticizes Palworld in LinkedIn Post

The Dead by Daylight Chief of Staff cast stones at Palworld, and we've got the details here!
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Nathan S., Chief of Staff at Behaviour Interactive, the developers behind Dead by Daylight, posted a lengthy critique of Palworld on LinkedIn. Despite acknowledging its addictive core gameplay loops and financial success, Nathan offered a scathing assessment of the game’s technical issues, lack of emotional depth, and missed potential.

Nathan’s main criticisms focused on Palworld’s technical shortcomings. He described the game as “insanely buggy,” citing random map holes as posing the greatest threat to players. He criticized the combat system as “boring and repetitive,” and highlighted balance issues, particularly in the mid and endgame. He found the vast open world to be “empty,” littered with uninteresting points of interest.

Nathan did acknowledge the strength of Palworld’s core gameplay loops, praising the “just one more catch” nature of monster taming and the “just one more build” appeal of the crafting system. He admitted to sinking “a great many hours” into the game and even completing all the towers, a testament to the game’s ability to draw players in.

Despite his initial engagement, Nathan ultimately found Palworld lacking in emotional resonance. He contrasted the game with Pokémon, criticizing the absence of a meaningful bond between players and their Pal companions. He described the creatures as “disposable resources and labor,” lacking the endearing qualities that foster a connection between the player and Pokémon. This disconnect, Nathan argued, undermines the potential for “ludonarrative harmony,” where gameplay mechanics reinforce thematic elements.

byu/tombevil from discussion

This is obviously just Nathan’s opinion, and if I had to critique Nathan’s game, Dead by Daylight, repetitive gameplay would be at the top of the list. I’m not here to burn Dead by Daylight, but it’s hard to pretend it is anything innovative or new, or that it survives on anything other than its collabs. Palworld does a lot of things well, and as it’s only Early Access with a small team of developers, it did a good job. Don’t cast stones in a glass house.

The Reddit Post was filled with comments against Nathan, and since the game has done so well, it’s easier to find people who like Palworld than those who don’t. I would like to hear more opinions from game developers like Nathan; it’s rare when those who make games for a living critique smaller studios that don’t have the same resources. Maybe there’s a reason for that.

Drawing a broader conclusion, Nathan viewed Palworld’s success as a wake-up call for Game Freak, the developers behind Pokemon. He felt the franchise had become complacent and urged them to learn from Palworld’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, he praised Pocket Pair, Palworld’s developer, for securing a Game Pass deal, calling it a “win” for the studio.

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Jorge A. Aguilar

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  1. Hytension

    There is a new generation of developers and we are coming for their jobs. These antiquated, hivemind induced SJW tone-deaf individuals have no clue of anything. And whether we are coming for their jobs literally or figuratively, they should be scared. Either get out of the way or start to innovate, because we are going to do it.

  2. the juice will fall

    how does this talking nose have a voice, let alone a job? his career relevancy for the last 10 years is bashing on one of the most successful steam releases of all time.

  3. TheGaymerBear

    ANYONE who’s ever played Dead By Daylight knows that their game is boring and has not seen ANY MEANINGFUL update since 2016. For them to speak out about a popular game is like Rupaul talking about the female or**sm, you have nothing to say on this matter!

  4. Vis

    Absolutely nobody from Behaviour can talk trash about any other game after the dumpster fire that was Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade, absolutely laughable.

  5. Reaving Raven

    Dead by Daylight is a buggy ass cosmetic shop masquerading as a video game with a cult-like fanbase of whales to support them…of course they’re jealous of general mainstream success, they’ll never achieve it

    The irony of him talking about the game lacking ‘warmth’ when his studio makes a game glorifying horror, being chased and slaughtered by murderers, and sacrifice to a dark entity is just hilarious

    He’s doing satire and he doesn’t even know it