Dead by Daylight celebrates the Lunar New Year with the Moonlight Burrow Event

Red Envelopes and Paper Lanterns return in the latest Lunar New Year event of Dead by Daylight.
Dead By Daylight Moonlight Burrow Event
Image: Dead by Daylight

In light of the Lunar New Year celebration, Dead by Daylight is launching the Moonlight Burrow Event. A festive atmosphere, rabbit-inspired Outfits, and several mysterious Offerings for Killer and Survivor are all the hallmarks of this annual event.

DbD’s Moonlight Burrow Event will begin on January 24th, 2023, 11 AM ET until February 7th, 2023, 11 AM ET. During this event, the lobby will be decorated for the Lunar New Year. In addition, previously released Lunar Cosmetic Collection Outfits will be available in-game.

DbD will also give away Lunar New Year cosmetics from the Scarlet Swarm Event, the Gilded Stampede Event, and the Lurking Stripes Event that were previously introduced. Use the codes published on DbD’s social media pages to unlock the following Cosmetics:

  • January 18: Dwight Fairfield – Lunar Rat Cap & The Spirit – Scarlet Edge
  • January 20: Jane Romero – Striped Top & The Hillbilly – Brutal Rat Hammer
  • January 23: David King – Striped Punk Pants, The Trapper – Golden Stinger & Nea Karlsson – Rat Print Top

Additionally, Dbd will provide the following Outfits as daily rewards for logging into the game:

  • January 17: The Nurse – Festive Gown
  • January 18: Zarina Kassir – Gilded Locks
  • January 19: The Clown – Savage Smile
  • January 20: Kate Denson – Claw Marked Beanie
  • January 21: The Artist – Entrancing Gown
  • January 22: Adam Francis – Shimmering Ox
  • January 23: The Artist – Glaring Blood

Ahead of the start of the Moonlight Burrow Event, players will get an increased XP bonus for their first match of the day. Once the Event begins on January 24th, log in daily until February 7th to get 50K Bloodpoints (with a total of 700K).

During the Early Celebration and Moonlight Burrow Event, select Outfits from past Lunar New Year Collections will also be on sale in the Dead by Daylight in-game shop. In addition to these discounts, the following outfits will get Iridescent Shard prices on January 17:

  • The Deathslinger – The Oxen Bounty
  • The Legion – New Year Shoplifter (Susie)
  • Jeff Johansen – New Year Showgoer
  • Ace Visconti – Seasoned Gambler
  • Feng Min – Spring Festival

The Red Envelope is a Lunar Event tradition, and once again Players can find these limited-time Offerings in the Bloodweb. Upon burning a Red Envelope Offering, a Red Envelope viewable to all players will spawn in the Trial. For players who burn Red Envelopes, the appropriate envelope’s aura will become apparent. The owner is able to interact with their Envelope to expose its contents. A sound effect will play during the trial, and the aura of the Envelope will be displayed to all players.

It is also possible for another player to open and claim an Envelope. The owner of an Envelope earns 5,000 Bloodpoints when it is claimed, while the recipient receives a random amount of extra Bloodpoints. Note that this quantity might vary, and with a little luck, it can amount to a substantial haul. The owner of the Envelope will also get one of the Lunar Event Rewards mentioned below:

  • The Trickster – Hidden Rabbit
  • The Doctor – Suit of Madness
  • The Oni – Rain Slicer
  • The Blight – Golden Tall Hat
  • Yun-Jin Lee – Golden Bunny
  • Jonah Vasquez – Employee Badge
  • Claudette Morel – Triangular Glasses
  • Élodie Rakoto – Running in Circles

In addition, Dbd will offer a new interactable object called Paper Lantern. It spawns during a Trial in an unused Totem spot, and both Killer and Survivor may interact with it. Upon interacting with a Paper Lantern, players are granted a limited period of two buffs: enhanced Haste movement speed and increased Vaulting speed.

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, DbD will be releasing the Moonlight Burrow Collection with new Very Rare Outfits for Vittorio and Feng Min, both of which will be available in the Dead by Daylight in-game store on January 24th:

  • Vittorio Toscano – Auspicious Apparel
  • Feng Min – Down The Rabbit Hole

You can learn more about the Moonlight Burrow event on the Dead by Daylight website.

Shemiah Ruina

Shemiah Ruina

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