Dead by Daylight Patch 7.0.0 Releases Today Adding The Singularity, Gabriel Soma, and More

Dead by Daylight rolls out Patch 7.0.0, introducing a fresh Killer and a slew of features and tweaks!
Dbd Survivor Gabriel Soma
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The newest update to Dead by Daylight, Patch 7.0.0, is almost here, featuring a fresh Killer, The Singularity, alongside an array of other developments. Along with the introduction of a new Survivor, Gabriel Soma, a brand-new map, Dvarka Deepwood – Toba Landing, also makes its debut. In addition to these features, the patch includes a wide array of adjustments to existing Killers, as well as Perk updates, enhancing the strategy dynamics within the game.

Emerging from a dark crystalline structure within an ancient ruin, The Singularity, named Hux, carries the power of Quantum Instantiation. Empowered, or arguably, cursed, with consciousness, Hux crafts himself a body with a special ability to manipulate physics to his advantage. In-game, The Singularity possesses the power to shoot and propagate Biopods across the map that affix themselves to any vertical surface, enhancing his capacity to surveil and trap Survivors.

Unique to The Singularity is the ability to remotely control a Biopod and track Survivors by tagging them with a Temporal Slipstream. The Singularity can subsequently teleport adjacent to the tagged Survivor, either using the Biopods or directly shooting them. This ability also extends to the spreading of the Slipstream when a tagged Survivor is near another Survivor.

The Singularity’s arsenal includes an Overclock Mode, activated post a successful Slipstream teleportation. The Overclock Mode endows The Singularity with increased speed for destroying walls and vaulting over pallets. Moreover, it protects the killer from being stunned by pallets, while attempts to stun merely result in the removal of the Overclock Mode and a brief slowing down of The Singularity.

Patch 7.0.0 introduces a Special Interaction element—Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). These EMPs spawn in Supply Cases at the beginning of each Trial and can be used by Survivors to eliminate the Slipstream or destroy a Biopod. Once utilized, the EMP gets obliterated. The Singularity also comes with three unique Perks—Genetic Limits, Forced Hesitation, and Machine Learning—that further amplify the killer’s intimidating presence.

Along with the new killer, Patch 7.0.0 brings to the fore a new Survivor, Gabriel Soma. Soma has unique Perks such as Troubleshooter, Made for This, and Scavenger, providing strategic advantages in his struggle to survive.

Complementing these new characters, a new map, “Dvarka Deepwood – Toba Landing,” is added to the game. The Landing was initially a promising site for humanity’s rebirth on a new planet, before its downfall due to an unknown lifeform. The Landing is divided into two distinct biomes—a rocky, open space and a dense jungle. The map is replete with remnants of a lost civilization, wildlife, enigmatic blue flowers, and the Toba Landing structure, allowing for extensive exploration.

In addition to these, Patch 7.0.0 includes several tweaks for previous Killers such as The Artist, The Nemesis, The Trickster, and The Ghost Face, aimed at optimizing their abilities and powers. Changes also extend to Perks like Pop Goes the Weasel, Déjà Vu, and Flashbang to improve gameplay mechanics.

The unveiling of Patch 7.0.0 aligns with the start of the 7th Anniversary “Twisted Masquerade” event, beginning June 21, 2023, at 11:00:00 ET. The event’s first level will also open at the same time.

Patch 7.0.0 introduces several features, including a much-awaited search bar in the loadout and customization screens, enabling players to filter items, add-ons, offerings, perks, cosmetics, outfits, and charms based on multiple criteria. The update also offers a rework of item rules, categorizing items into Survivor Item, Special Item, and Temporary Item.

Dead by Daylight has added an update popup prompting players to return to the splash screen when a backend update is deployed. Measures have been taken to offer protection against hackers using unauthorized characters, and disconnection or server timeout error messages have been made clearer and more distinguishable.

Source: DBD Patch Notes

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