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Dead by Daylight’s new Developer Update reveals screams and The Skull Merchant tweaks

Dead by Daylight reveals new changes to screams, The Skull Merchant, and more.
Dead By Daylight Developer Update February Image
Image: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is back with another special edition of the Developer Update, featuring a variety of changes to screams and the newest Killer, The Skull Merchant

Here’s a rundown of the various significant tweaks and adjustments included in the latest Developer Update, as revealed on the Behaviour Interactive DbD forum page:

The Skull Merchant Update

  • The Skull Merchant now gains an increasing Haste effect for each Survivor on her radar. This bonus begins at 3% for one Survivor and grows to 5% for two, 6% for three, and 7% for four. 
  • Vaulting a pallet with a Claw Trap will cause that pallet to break, destroying the Claw Trap in the process. With this change, being chased with a Claw Trap attached becomes a lot more dangerous.
  • Drones are no longer instantly returned to The Skull Merchant after being deactivated, limiting The Skull Merchant’s ability to guard generators.
  • Claw Traps will now be immediately destroyed as soon as their battery expires, preventing Survivors from holding them indefinitely and barring The Skull Merchant from using her Power. Moreover, Claw Trap batteries will no longer refill upon entering an active zone.
  • When a Survivor with a Claw Trap is nearby, drones will become unhackable. This prevents a single Survivor from rushing around and disabling every drone, ensuring that the Killer always has some combination of four Claw Traps or drones at their disposal.


  • Ultrasonic Trap Speaker
    • Ultrasonic Trap Speaker now reduces the time taken for Undetectable to take effect when inside an active zone by 50%.
  • Expired Batteries
    • Since Claw Traps now provide a Haste effect, the Killer would be exceedingly quick at the start of the match, in addition to revealing the Survivors’ locations. As such, the duration of the Claw Traps that Survivors spawn with has been reduced from 150% to 40% of the normal battery life.
  • Prototype Rotor
    • This Add-on has been changed to Very Rare to better suit its effectiveness.
  • Adaptive Lighting
    • Adaptive Lighting now increases the length of the Undetectable effect by 50%.

Screams Update

  • In next week’s update, Perks has been readjusted to restore their original functionality, but with the proper scream sounds. Screams generated by Perks will be ‘2D,’ suggesting they can no longer reveal which direction they are coming from and will not be heard map-wide.

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