Dead Space Remake Differences

If you're wondering what the differences are between the original Dead Space and Dead Space Remake, we have compiled a list!
Dead Space Remake Has Gone Gold
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Dead Space Remake is a survival-horror game that is a remake of the 2008 game by the same name. The remake was developed by Motive Studio and published by EA. It is set in the 26th century and follows engineer Isaac Clarke who has to survive as he tries to save his crewmates and figure out why USG Ishimura has gone silent. If you’re wondering what the differences are between the original Dead Space and Dead Space Remake, we have compiled a list!

Dead Space Remake Differences

Many of the differences in the Dead Space Remake are for the better, as the 2023 remake leverages better graphics, gives a more immersive experience by adding dialogue, and has given the characters more background.

  • Upgraded graphics using the Frostbite engine
  • Isaac speaks throughout the story
  • Addition of side quests to enhance the playing experience
  • Alternate ending available
  • Addition of security clearance upgrades to access restricted areas
  • No more loading screens
  • More audio logs and dialogue for characters
  • Characters have full names
  • New puzzles
  • Lighting is enhanced and more atmospheric using volumetric lighting
  • Modified map and objectives (recognizable but not the same)
  • Richer audio across the board
  • Improved accessibility options

These updates have largely been for the better while still keeping the Dead Space remake recognizable and enjoyable for those who loved the original. It doesn’t feel the same but so quite improved for a more immersive playing experience as Isaac’s dialogue brings the story to life, while additional audio logs give more background and personality to those who have been lost on the Ishimura.

It would be remiss not to callout that there are a plethora of accessibility features in the remake that will allow for more people to enjoy the game and get a fuller, more rounded out experience that works for them.

We hope that our list of differences between the original Dead Space and Dead Space Remake has helped you understand how the versions of compare! Check out all of our Dead Space coverage.

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