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Demonfall Update Log: 2.5 Patch Notes

A new update that will add some big additions and balancing to Roblox Demonfall is coming in the 2.5 update!
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The new 2.5 update is coming soon for Roblox Demonfall, and the developer has posted some details on what will be included in it. There’s going to be a new quest for slayers, called The Invasion of the Infinity Castle. Demon’s will also be getting a couple of quests as well. This final mission will be in a very large dungeon, and is supposed to be quite difficult, so make sure to grab some friends. There’s also some additional cosmetics and balancing on the way.

The Demonfall 2.5 update has been released! We have updated the patch notes below with the most recent ones.

Demonfall 2.5 Patch Notes

  • The final history line quest for slayers at demonfall, The invasion of the Infinity castle (This quest is repeatable and can be played with friends in party that finished the Lower Moon 2 quest or a demon that finished the Retired Hashira quest.)
  • The quest can be STARTED by you only in 6 to 6 hours, but you can help friends do the quest even if yours is in “cooldown” and you will receive the same amount of exp
  • Sun and Moon Haori Cosmetics!
  • Slayer mark now is only activated when you press J (Your health must be under 50% and there’s a cooldown of 10 minutes even if you RESET)
  • If you’re prestige 2 or above slayer mark will last for 50s instead of 30s and will heal you in 25 instead of 15 (Aka SLAYER MARK LEVEL 2)
  • Voice chat enabled


  • Moon Catastrophe damage fixed
  • Changed health stuff:
    • Base health = 120
    • Health 1 or Hard Skin 1 = 140
    • Health 2 or “” 2 = 160
    • Health 3 or “” 3 = 180
    • Steel Skin = 220
  • Reduced demon passive regeneration
  • Slayer mark now actually heal on use


  • Hybrids now can use breath indict !
  • Dual breathing bug fix and users banned
  • Lower Moon 2 quest fixed
  • Fixed alpha testers gamepass

That’s everything we know about the 2.5 update for Roblox Demonfall! We have a bunch more details on the game in the Demonfall section of our website, so be sure to check it out.

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