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Destiny 2 trailer reveals new Lightfall weapons and gear

Destiny 2's latest trailer reveals new weapons and gear, including tracking rounds, flinch resistance and more!
Destiny 2 Lightfall Gear Image
Image: SIE / Bungie

Destiny 2 has officially revealed a variety of new weapons and gear in the latest Lightfall trailer, featuring Cloud Strider technology that introduces clever new effects in combat. The new trailer was teased just yesterday, and it does include gameplay of several new additions like rhythmic debuffs, gear that prevents flinching, and the ability to freeze enemies outright.

Here’s the full weapons and gear trailer from PlayStation’s official YouTube channel:

Some fans were quick to respond with balancing concerns. Given the ability to avoid flinching with Woven Mail, it is partly justified. In PvP, causing a flinch can often make all the difference, especially when you happen to be outmatched by an enemy. Flinch Resistance will probably require some tweaking later on, even if it will add more surprises in battle.

However, all of the mechanics in today’s trailer are admittedly neat nonetheless, with creative spins that actually have the potential to affect gameplay. Sometimes, balancing issues are the cost, and fans end up justifiably annoyed. But at least Bungie has clearly been working on real change. There will always be time to smooth out some of the balancing.

Deterministic Chaos will help with crowd control, the charged tracking rounds introduces mechanics from other beloved shooters, and Abeyant Leap rewards movement a little more. Overall, each of the new additions revealed today should invite players to think a little more about strategy mid-combat. Which should be satisfying, since strong roles and tactics are a cornerstone of Destiny.

Expectations for the cosmetics were high as Destiny 2 promised that Neomuna would bring a totally unique environment. The glaive’s stylish design was definitely a highlight in today’s trailer. While subjective, each of the new weapons seems to offer a decent amount of personality, consistent with Lightfall’s visual themes.

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