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Dust & Neon is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch on February 16th

The roguelite, looter shooter game by Rogue Games, Inc., Dust & Neon, is now available for pre-order on the Nintendo Store at a discount.
Rogue Games Inc Dust And Neon Image
Image: Rogue Games, Inc.

Dust & Neon is an upcoming twin-stick roguelite shooter action video game developed by David Marquardt Studios and published by Rogue Games, Inc. In this game, players will take on the role of a mysterious gunslinger and embark on an epic quest set in a post-apocalyptic Wild West, complete with twitch-trigger precise gunplay, hordes of terrifying robots, and spectacular boss battles.

Dust & Neon is scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on February 16th, 2023. Rogue Games, Inc. also announced that pre-order for Dust & Neon on the Nintendo Store is now available with a 20% discount and will run through February 16th. Take a look at Dust & Neon Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Trailer, courtesy of Rogue Games, Inc. Youtube channel:

This fast-paced roguelite shooter by Rogue Games, Inc. also features a visceral reload function, which allows players to actively load each bullet into the chamber even in the heat of battle. Players may also mow down mechanical menaces with non-stop action thanks to its dynamic power-up boost system in addition to its best in-class controls, which allow for twitch speed as well as precise gunplay. Just be sure to dive, slide, and seamlessly take cover behind any available object while reloading the weapon and planning the next move.

In Dust & Neon, players have access to nearly 2,000 completely one-of-a-kind revolvers, shotguns, and rifles that may be unlocked during the course of the game. In addition, there are 1,600 different types of tonics that the player may use to briefly alter or improve the gunslinger’s powers while they are engaged in combat. Additionally, players have the opportunity to unlock hundreds of treasure boxes, each of which contains money, weapons, and upgrades. Players may modify the core nature of how the game is played by upgrading their gunslinger with one of 24 distinct talents.

For those who are up for more challenge, Dust & Neon features a challenging campaign mode that will keep players occupied for well over ten hours of gameplay. During the Dust & Neon campaign, players will be able to explore a vast, diverse world with four distinct regions, battle an astounding array of robot foes with distinctive strengths and weaknesses, and collect bounties on a menacing cast of villains in thrilling boss battles.


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