Enshrouded Shows off Combat Gameplay in New Trailer

A new gameplay trailer for Enshrouded introduces fans to the game's combat mechanics, ranging from blocking and parrying to a diverse assortment of weaponry.
Enshrouded Merciless Attack
Image: Keen Games

Enshrouded, an upcoming voxel-based adventure game, has debuted a new trailer offering a comprehensive look at the game’s combat mechanics. This first installment in a mini-series of gameplay videos provides players with an in-depth understanding of the essential aspects of combat in the game.

The trailer showcases a diverse array of combat techniques available to players. Enshrouded’s combat system allows players to lock onto specific opponents, focusing their attacks and movements on a single enemy. This becomes especially useful when faced with a multitude of adversaries. Defensive moves are equally crucial in the game’s combat mechanics, which include blocking with or without a shield. These maneuvers, however, rely heavily on a player’s stamina. Depleted stamina would render a player incapable of blocking attacks.

For those possessing accurate timing, parrying is also an option. A successful parry not only blocks incoming attacks, but it also significantly drains the enemy’s stamina. This depletion triggers the possibility of a ‘merciless attack’—a potent finishing move that can only be utilized when an enemy’s stamina is entirely drained. This attack can deliver a devastating blow to adversaries, as shown in the trailer.

Enshrouded Ranged Combat
Image: Keen Games

In addition to basic combat moves, Enshrouded offers a variety of weaponry catering to different play styles and challenges. Players can wield bows for ranged combat, using various types of arrows for more strategy. Elemental damage can be dealt with wands for quick attacks or staffs for slower, heavier mana-based strikes affecting groups of enemies. The game also includes heavy melee weapons like hammers and axes, plus explosives for greater area damage.

Beyond the battlefield, Enshrouded emphasizes the importance of preparation before engaging in combat. Resting, cooking a variety of foods using recipes, and crafting potions and other items can all contribute to a player’s battle advantage.

Enshrouded Character Sleeping
Image: Keen Games

The game world of Enshrouded introduces players to a variety of enemy factions, including fell scavengers and wild beasts. Different strategies can be employed depending on a player’s preferred play style. Sneaky players can scout and avoid enemies, while those favoring ranged combat can use bows and other distance weapons. The game’s fully voxel-based environment even allows players to dig their way around obstacles.

An exciting feature highlighted in the trailer is the game’s glider, which offers a unique approach to enemy engagements by enabling aerial surprise attacks. Also, Enshrouded’s leveling system and skill tree, which offer both active abilities and passive skills, add a layer of customization to the gameplay experience.

Enshrouded Locked On Combat
Image: Keen Games

The game’s crafting system introduces players to various NPCs, including blacksmiths for crafting basic weapons. Legendary weapons and armors, however, are rewards for exploration. These higher rarity items come with additional perks that can be unlocked through upgrades.

Lastly, Enshrouded supports cooperative play, allowing up to 16 players on a dedicated server. Team play provides each player with specific roles, including resource gathering, fighting, healing, and reviving fallen allies.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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